Monday, July 20, 2015

Mealtime with Minions

We have been very busy raising minions.
They have been very busy raising a ruckus!
Food is a great motivator with kittens.
Healthy kittens love to eat. It is comforting, 
loving, and very fulfilling to them as babies. 
As they grow, they will let you know when 
they are ready to wean. They chew on the nipple, 
your hand, and each other. They have no patience 
for the bottle, as it is no longer satisfying for them. 
They want food. Real food!
So, that is what we have been working on.

Bindi is a lady, so she tries to be neat and genteel.
After her meal, she is ready to be washed up.

Riley would rather fingerpaint, practice writing his name, 
and then chow down. He thoroughly enjoys his food.
Consequently, after his meal he needs a bath...
not to mention me and everything else. 

George is a neat gentleman, slow and steady. In fact, George 
will give his food to his brothers...well, he lets them take it.
Louis is all about food. He chows down and then cleans up!
Ahh, yes...we are getting there, each in their own time.


  1. That is the most adorable meal time ever!

  2. He looks a bit like myself after a good meal.

  3. Oh, my such entertainment with the kittens. So cute!

  4. So sweet! I loved the pictures of Bill with the kittens in his lap that you had as well. Such sweet little things!

  5. How sweet! So long since I have watched a kitten eat.

  6. LOL! Well they sure make mealtime an adventure...for all! :-)

  7. How wonderful you are getting so much pleasure from this endeavor. Oh, that all were so helpful.

  8. ewe wee ones knead sum trout...perch...mackerull...bloo gill, salmon....flounder AND tuna ~~~~~ leest meel timez knot boring round yur place huh !!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  9. I had to laugh at the dirty Minion. Dirty but so cute.
    You're a blessing for those kitties.

  10. Goofy, fuzz balls, aren't they?
    Have fun, Annie!
    Have a Great Week!!
    Peace :)

  11. Weaning time is fun! We had a litter of four boys once who all thought it was their job to wear their food and play in the litter box. They had to be bathed daily just so we could stand to be in the room with them!

  12. OMC! They're wearing more than they ate!

  13. Oh that's just the sweetest sight ever! What fun, love their little faces!

  14. OMC...Riley! We have never seen such a mess. Annie, will any of his siblings clean him up? Looks as if he has another meal in his furs. Thanks for sharing. I can't get enough of cute kitten photos. Love and hugs, janet

  15. kinda makes me sad now that Cashew was about 6 months old when he came to live with us -- it would have been so sweet to see him as a kitten. he's a messy eater now - I can't imagine what he must have been like as a wee kitten. LOL

  16. Riley... too too funny! At least they are eating wet food... yay!

  17. Oh how darling they are, such sweet babies!

  18. I love to watch kittens and puppies learning to eat food. They really get into it and enjoy!