Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Safety

As you celebrate with loved ones, please remember to be safe.
Take care of yourself and all of your loved ones,
including your pets. They depend on you.


  1. Great info! You just can't be too careful!

  2. Excellent infographic for this weekend and summer. Hope everyone at your house, including those adorable foster babies, are doing well. Hugs and love, Janet

  3. A great reminder. I always wonder of the fallout chemicals from Fireworks as most of them are launched beside a body of water. I wonder if it affects the fishes and other life in the water.


  4. May your celebrations be the happiest too. Funny thing about those bonfires, I had the cutest frog romping around outside our pit, and the smoke was so heavy, and silly worried me, picked him/her up and placed it out of harms (smoke) in another flower garden and briefly I thought, what if this is
    a mama frog? So last night, while mowing and moving flower pots guess what I found where the mama had been? A tiny baby frog!

  5. Thank you...that time is here now. :-)

  6. Excellent points! And make sure you don't let the dog run around near the BBQ pit, either. Knocking one of those over is a big disaster!

  7. Great reminder, Annie!
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

  8. we started keeping a dish outside for Cashew when he is on his lead line.... it's amazing how quickly a furry pet can get over heated.
    great reminders!