Saturday, September 26, 2015

Long Live the Queen

This week I was honoured to have lunch with The Queen Jester (Cheryl) of Life in a Canned Ham. Cheryl and her husband (Left Brain) live in their RV (See-More), with their two cats, George and Gracie. They were traveling through my area on their way back down South.

I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years, when we first met in person. This time, we greeted each other and picked right up where we left off. We sat outside on the patio of the Mexican restaurant. We talked until the restaurant opened. Then we went in to get a table, order lunch and talk some more.

The young waiter had to come back several times because we were talking instead of looking at the menu. I think he enjoyed us, though. We included him in our jokes and laughter. He kept us our glasses of Coke and sweet tea filled.

Cheryl and I had so much fun, sharing stories, thoughts and lots of laughter. We told personal stories of family, childhood, spouses, and life. We discussed deep issues, like philosophy and psychic energy. We shared animal stories, both wild and domestic. There were many tales about our cats, of course. She fondly remembered meeting my Stella, too. We also chatted about sports. I think I have inspired her to watch football. (You are welcome, Left Brain.) Cheryl talked about her favourite game Pickle Ball and I talked about Tent Ball, too.

Cheryl is a real creative energy.  She makes dolls, sews everything from clothes to decorative items. She does photography and works with various art mediums. She also writes so we discussed writing, too. I encouraged her to keep a written journal when she does not have access to the Internet. I hope she does, as her stories are amazing. I cannot wait to hear more of them. It is like we have been friends forever.

Finally evening came, and we had to break up the fun. She needed to return to Left Brain and the campground. I needed to go home and let Stella out. Otherwise, I think we could have talked all night, too. We may have ended up getting thrown out of the restaurant just so they could close. 

It is a rare and wonderful thing when you connect with someone on so many levels. I am blessed to have met Cheryl and have her as a friend. We are kindred spirits. I wish her safe travels, but I also look forward to visiting with her, again...hopefully soon.

The Queen & I


  1. Such a fun time for the both of you.

  2. That sounds like such a fun visit!!!

    1. It was great to see her. We have such fun together.

  3. Sometimes there are people that just fit that friend spot immediately. I am so glad you were able to visit again.

  4. That is so wonderful, McGuffy Ann. Good friends like Cheryl are not always easy to find, and I love that you two had such a great time visiting. :)

  5. Making friends through our online connections and having the friendship turn out to bed so deep and enduring is a blessing!

  6. It sounds like so much fun, Annie...a bit like when Pam (onespoiledcat) and I met a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours together. So happy you and Cheryl had this opportunity. Love and hugs, Janet

  7. What a sweet write up. This new campground in North Carolina has free internet and it's pretty fast, so I'm playing catch up again. We exceeded our data coverage on the hotspot a couple of days ago so have been off for a bit.