Monday, September 14, 2015


I have walked miles across harsh lonely tundra,
through forests too dark to see the trees.
I have reached heights, climbing mountains of enigma,
and stumbled, falling into valleys of depression.
I have relied upon dawn as my epiphany,
and dusk as my reprieve.

I have sailed uncharted waters,
never knowing if I’d find my way.
I have navigated emotions,
steering toward the beacon of hope.
I feared capsizing or crashing haphazardly
on the rocky shores of betrayal.

I must now follow the ebb and tide of uncertainty.
I am the steward of my voyage.
The promise of tomorrow is what guides me today.
I will weather the storms.
I will stay on course.
I will survive.

McGuffy Ann Morris,
from the poetry book,  "Weeds"

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Quote Prompt:
"I have been through some terrible things in my life,
some of which actually happened."
                                                                          ~Mark Twain


  1. And I have read that book! SO glad I have it. xxoo

  2. So very true, we will all make it.

  3. I love those thoughts, Annie, they are lovely!

  4. Thank you. Our current storm is looking to be very difficult right now, i needed this encouragement.

  5. Beautfifully written. Thank you for that encouragement this morning.

  6. I love this one. the Hope that is expressed is just so powerful.

  7. weeds is an awesome book, I have it, I've read it, I love it ~~~~~~~
    and it got 10 stars on amazon, even if only in my own mind, because they only allow 5 ♥♥♥

  8. A very compelling poem. To keep hope is a wise choice.
    So well written.

  9. Very poignant and powerful words. I imagine your words resonate with anyone who is living life with love and purpose. Your poetry is amazing. Thank you for sharing it at In Other Words.

  10. Excellent. The emotion and what you were feeling is so raw and vivid. Your poetry always touches me. Love and hugs, Janet