Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Summer

The coffee is on, so I am joining Coffee Chat with Ms. Rorybore. This week we are sharing our Summer in pictures and stories. Please join us. 

Anyone who knows me knows how I spent my Summer.  I had the honour and privilege of caring for a litter of newborn kittens. I have rescued many over the past many years, and am always amazed and blessed by each and every one of them. So, I am more than happy to share my Summer with the Minions, again. Here is how we spent our Summer...

~The Minions~

The Minions and I had a very busy Summer...

The Minions learned quickly what a bottle is for.

They soon learned about themselves, like their feet.

Soon after, they learned how to walk.

Before long, the minions learned about wrestling.

More importantly, they learned the fine art of eating.

And they learned about the joys of water.

They made friends with Stella the Sheltie Dog.

And they got to know the "big" cats, too.

They learned how to play with all kinds of toys,

but boxes were a favourite to play in, 

or sometimes just to sleep in.

As they grew, the Minions moved into a cottage.
This was endless fun for them!

Sometimes it was confusing for the minions,

even exhausting. But they all made it!

The Minions have gone on to their "forever homes"
...except for George, who is already Home with us!

How did you spend your Summer?

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  1. Awwww.....my entire family enjoyed these!

  2. We love it and George always makes our whiskers grin up!

  3. I enjoyed seeing them grow in one post. I had almost forgotten how tiny they were. Stella is a beauty.

  4. I love every word and every picture !!

  5. I squealed and had the biggest smile because I was hoping for Kitty Summer Review!!! LOL
    That kitten in a chimney picture is the best. And so happy that George is home with you - yay!!! It will be so nice to be able to see him grow in such a loving home. :)

  6. Love it! Our bottle kittens are still not over the ringworm they arrived with, but they are "fixed" and otherwise fully vetted and as soon as they are cleared they will go up for adoption.

    Congratulations again for the successful raising of the litter and the wonderful new addition to the family!

  7. I've fostered several litters of kittens over the past few years and they bring so much fun and joy. It's always hard to let them go until I see how happy people are to have them. Lovely photos!

  8. You had a wonderful summer with the babies. :-)

    I'm so glad everyone found their forever homes, and I hope their lives and long, happy and healthy!

  9. Oh My! Your kitty's are too cute for words!!!! I'm glad to hear they found their for-ever homes. =D

  10. YAY !!!! we loved spendin R summer with de minionz...manee thanx for sharin all yur fotoz guys....oh, N we iz carckin up.... coz traffix live feedz iz sayin trout towne iz in churubusco....thatz WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down de street !!! ♥♥♥

  11. What a great bunch of photos, and Stella looks mighty interested in what's going on too! Fun times to long remember!

  12. Oh, I so love these pics...reminds me of the days my cats were kitties. Wonderful bunch of pics.

  13. Totally boring summer for us. Nothing like yours with the opportunity to raise four beautiful "children." We enjoyed following their progress and look forward to watching George grow up. Love and hugs, janet