Saturday, December 12, 2015



It was cold. The wind was blowing the snow across the streets, swirling down the alleys. However, she was on a mission, pushing her heavy, old cart, along behind the stores. Each dumpster was a possible treasure chest: the possibility of food, bedding, even perhaps a toy. She always held out hope.

She had been going for hours, searching for things to take home to her little family. She had found some dented cans and some scraps of food. She was happy with the pillows, cushions and blankets, too! They would be warm and have full tummies this Christmas Eve! She even came across some little balls and other toys she thought they would like.

She smiled at the full cart. She knew the little ones waited for her. She needed to get back to the old boarded-up service station. It was at the edge of the neighborhood, still quite a walk, and darkness was approaching fast.

When she entered the dark, boarded up building it was quiet. As she began singing, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, she saw little pairs of eyes peering out from the darkness. The streetlights lit their eyes. She smiled at them, “Come on then. We will be warm and fed. We are blessed sharing this Christmas, together.”

She spread out the blankets and arranged the pillows, singing carols as she worked. As she opened the cans, they hungrily ventured out. She put down the scraps for her little family of stray cats. As they ate, she continued to sing to them. 

Finally, they settled into the pile of blankets and pillows together. She was thankful for them, and her ability to share what she had with them. Making the sign of the cross in silent prayer, she softly breathed, “Amen.”

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  1. I think you are that wonderful lady, Annie, of course, without the hardship of being homeless. But even if... I am sure you would share and care for your animals. And they for you.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story @ sARTurday.

  2. That is a precious story. Truly precious.

  3. Annie, what a beautiful story for the holidays. No matter how little any of us have, it still does our hearts good to be able to share. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Love and hugs, Janet

  4. That made my whiskers weepy wet.

  5. Such a sweet sad story and perfect for the season.

  6. How well I know that, sigh!
    Here in our town by the homeless always were cats. And often the people were going away, to another town (the authorities that request) and I was the person, who stayed here and looked for the cats and feeded, until the others cames back...

    Christmas blessings!

  7. It's sad that even if it's not a true story in the strict sense, it's too true to life in too many cases. Beautifully done!

  8. This story is about you... don't lie to me :)
    Even the little creatures of this world need an angel to care for them. Thank you for being one. <3

  9. A cute story... You had me going there for a while. I thought kids were in the old boarded garage waiting for their mom until the end. I'm glad they were kitties and not children, lol.