Sunday, December 6, 2015

By George

George has been so busy growing and learning. When Dad is on the road, he is the lone dude. Maggie, Grizelda, and Chloe Jo all nurture him. Since he is still their “baby” brother, they often let him have his way. But, they do wrestle and play together, running through the house like the cavalry. Of course, Mom still babies him when he allows it. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle when he is worn out from playing.

George is a very busy, confident little dude. He is fearless. When he jumps from the cat tree or any surface, he still jumps straight out, rather than down. George goes for speed and distance. He loves to explore, investigate, and try new things. Then he loves to tirelessly practice what he has learned.

Grizelda still plays Tent-Ball with George, but he often practices on his own. He continues to play so hard that he quickly wears out the tents. But, boys will be boys. He enjoys inventing games or creative uses for ordinary items, too. I have a post coming up showing one of his favourite games. It is sometimes hard to capture him in action. But, stay tuned.

These are just some of the things that George has learned...

*George knows that he is very loved. He is sure that someone will always cuddle with him, in between playtime, of course.

*George knows that a basket of clean, warm laundry is a wonderful place to nap.

*George thinks that people eat very strange things, some good, some not so good. While George is interested in food, he has developed pretty good manners when told, “No.” However, he likes any kind of meat and will beg for it. But, he does not like most dairy. He especially thinks fruit yogurt is gross.

*George is not sure what Stella is, just that she is different than he and his sisters, and that she is nothing like Mom and Dad. But he also knows that she loves him and that he loves her, too. He comes when he hears Dad and Stella on the speaker phone.

*George thinks bugs (beetles) are very cool interactive toys...and can also serve as food when playtime is over.

*George is attracted to mirrors. His favourite ones are the mirrored closet doors. He believes they are some strange kind of magic. He likes to watch himself and others in the mirror reflection. George will also run at the mirror, jumping as high as he possibly can. He does run at and jump at walls, too, always going for both speed and height.

*George has many kinds of toys. His favourite (cat) toys are big, colourful plastic springs, and colourful, glittery pom pom balls. He can carry them or throw them around. He really loves balls, including wadded up paper balls. When he hears paper rustle, he comes running. Scattering newspaper is pretty exciting, too. 

*George loves all kinds of paper. He has learned that if his usual toys are not available, toilet paper can be a great source of fun. Of course, his sister Chloe Jo taught him this. This was her favourite thing to do as a kitten.

In the middle of the night recently, I went into the bathroom. As I turned on the light, Chloe Jo ran past me at an unusually fast pace. She seemed to be saying, “RUN! It's Mom!” I looked over to see George sitting in a mound of freshly unrolled toilet paper. The new roll was now empty. The look on his face was one of pure joy. He has since repeated this joyful experience several times.

These are just some of the things that George has learned and experienced. As he grows, I will be sharing his fun and games. It has been a while since we had a boy-cat in the family though we have had many over the years. Dad was right, we needed George as much as he needed us. He is a blessing. 


  1. Sounds like the entire family is enjoying George's kittenhood. It's been almost 25 years since I had two kittens / youngsters, but your post brings back lots of wonderful memories of their exuberant adventures.

  2. George may be teaching the "old dogs" some new tricks!

    He is home.

  3. Oh that look on his face in the last picture - veeeerry innocent, not guilty, no, no, no - you put the laundry here just for me, right?! hahaha - so cute.

  4. I just adore George, something about those brown tabby boys. :-)

    He's certainly learned a great deal too, and obviously is keeping his bipeds on their toes!

  5. George is a wonderful "man about the place" when his male human is on the road.

  6. Sounds like George is keeping the house lively, for sure. I don't have a cat, just a puppy dog, but I do enjoy antics of cats.

  7. You are really someone special George, keep having fun sweet boy!

  8. I'm so glad George is there to entertain you with his intelligent antics.
    I read somewhere recently the reason some people puts the toilet paper on the holder backward is because they have cats that like to unroll the paper. This way, they can spin the roll as much as they want, it will not unroll all over the floor.

    Have a great week.

  9. know I love hearing this...he is sooooo handsome!

  10. George sure has been a great addition to the family!

  11. Awww George, so happy you have a wonderful family!

  12. What a sweetheart he is, great post! So glad he is with you and you are with him...