Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Winter is here with ice and snow.
Some poor souls have nowhere to go.
Some are hungry, no food to eat,
some have shelter without heat.
Yet, Christmas comes.

Wars continue in political strafe.
Terrorism thrives; no one is safe.
Weapons abound, from gun to bomb.
Chaos reigns with tenuous calm.
Still, Christmas comes.

Violence prevails in film and TV,
firmly rooted in reality.
Many suffer neglect or abuse;
explosive incidents one can’t diffuse.
But, Christmas comes. 

Faith and hope go hand in hand,
no matter culture, religion, or land.
Whatever the crisis or situation,
peace is the answer to liberation. 
So, Christmas comes.

~McGuffy Ann Morris


  1. May it come and leave peace behind for all.

  2. Beautiful :-)

    Have a poemtastic week :-)

  3. Beautiful poem, Annie. If we all showed the love of Christ to others, there would be peace. Thanks for sharing this with us. - Judy

  4. A very beautiful but true poem Annie. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

  5. So appropriate with the recent incidents of violence. If only Christ and Christmas could heal our world. Sending love ad hugs, Janet

  6. Excellent. Christmas is coming, if only peace would come with it.

  7. so well done! If only we could those feelings and make them last the whole year round - the whole world round.

  8. Yes, Christmas comes and then it goes and is but a memory that fades. If only we would keep Christmas and let the weary world go.

  9. Sigh! Wish, that Christmas comes and all the refugees in our country have a warm hostel and a minimum friendliness...
    I same spend Christmas one year in the cold and dirt of an abndoned house with the homeless peoples - it was a long time ago, but you never forget such things...
    Even more I'm thankful for my warm cozy home now. Hope, I can stay here for a long time.

  10. Before the refugees we had Americans starving and freezing...many do not look close to home.

    Beautiful piece.