Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What’s New?

Let’s go have coffee with Ms RoryBore, of Ink Interrupted. She always has good coffee and conversation. The Coffee Chat topic this week is: What’s new with You?”

Usually, when I am asked that, I have to scrounge for answers. Either it is things that no one really wants to know, or it is…nothing. As Granny used to say, “Sometimes, no news is good news”. Granny was a wise old woman. Often, things are very routine, even predictable, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am a person who truly values sameness. I firmly believe that sameness offers security.

Lately, however, things have been changing. We do think these things will be good ones. Well, that is the plan. These changes have all been carefully orchestrated. Yeah, I know, it is always a gamble. But, hope springs eternal, as it is meant to.

Speaking of that, Spring is new. We have been cleaning up the yard and uncovering flower beds, as the new plants sprout up and out of the ground. Picking up branches is almost a daily chore, too. The neighbor’s Birch trees are continuously shedding branches. Bill has also been pruning and trimming bushes, trees, and the old Rose of Sharon. He mulches all of the branches and twigs, and then uses the mulch in the gardens. He was blessed with a very green thumb. I only assist, because I was cursed with a very brown thumb. I am excellent with critters, plants, not so much.

Spring also brought a new job direction for Bill. He is still an over-the-road (long haul) trucker. However, now he drives a dedicated route, which he runs at night. He is gone for a night or two at a time, and home on weekends. He has new routes, new customers, even new equipment. This really is a major change for all of us, though. We all have new schedules, that allow us to get back to a more normal life. Thankfully, we will even be able to spend holidays together!

~Kenzie, in her new favourite spot~

Kenzie is our new family member. She is Stella’s dog-sister, though the cats are very agreeable, too. Our furkids are all very well socialized and loving. Much to her surprise, Kenzie is now getting lots of loving, too. This is all new for Kenzie. We suspect she had a very serious, sedentary, rigid life. She is getting used to a new, active lifestyle, filled with lively cats, a playful dog, busy people, and a new big yard to actually run around in. Kenzie is quite overweight, so her new diet and playtime will lead to a new, healthier self! 

I have a new challenge, too. I will be participating in the Blogging A-Z Challenge this year. I have not done this before though I always considered it. I feared that I would not be able to keep up. This April, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I will post a poem each day. The title (or subtitle) of the poem will contain the letter of that day, with Sundays an off-day. The poetry that I post will be a variety of poems: some classic, some contemporary, some well-known, some little-known. Many of these poems have been part of my literary inspiration, going all the way back to grade school. Other poems were written by me.

I am always writing and reading. My plan is to get back to a routine in blogging. I want to post more frequently, including poetry, stories, memes, and book reviews. Hopefully, the new schedule will lead to a new-and-improved writing routine. Again, hope springs eternal. I believe! 

So, what’s new with you?

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  1. I am doing napowrimo but not officially doing a to z. I like the format, but both the people who run it and most of the participants make it very clear that they don't like weird, off the wall types like me.

  2. Our daughter's spring softball schedule is the new thing at our house. Keeping us hopping each night. Sounds like you have a lot of great new things going on at your place!

  3. Kenzie looks like a precious dog.
    I am sure she loves her new family as much as they love her <3

    So happy to hear your hubby has a new schedule, at a new job.
    Sounds like it is going to work out perfectly.

    Happy Easter!!

  4. Annie...I commend you on taking on the A - Z challenge and look forward to reading { and re reading ☺ } your poems....the challenge is quite the undertaking...all the best to Bill....be safe ♥♥♥

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year, but spring definitely comes in a close second - both seasons boast such awesome colors! :) Love that your hubby is a wiz in the yard - my hubby can hold his own (though he needs to be reminded more often than not, since he's the Absent Minded Professor and doesn't notice when things get a little disheveled looking out there...heh!)

    WooHoo on the 'new' job for Bill! Bet it's a relief to have him on a dedicated route and getting to spend weekends and holidays at home. :)

    Kenzie is SO CUTE!!! What kind of dog is she?

    I really should join in on the A-Z challenge...I've never done it, and like you I want to get back into regular blogging. I've been a slacker for a number of years compared to how I was when I first started! :) Not sure what theme to choose, though!!

    Murphy’s Law; Gilmore Girls; Fun With Teens; What’s New w/Coffee in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Way

  6. We are doing the same spring things that you are doing while still working out a move...sigh! Kenzie looks so sweet. I know the pounds will drop off!

  7. Hooray for more family time...for all of you! Spring = Kitten Season. We're gonna be busy too.

  8. So many new things in your life right now and Spring is, shall we say in the air with lovely bulbs blooming and family growing with the addition of Kenzie and a new A to Z challenge. For me I'm having calves being born and my pens are full. Snow is covering the ground and it looks more like winter than Spring but I'm still hoping that it won't be long before all that new snow is gone.

  9. Lots happening in your world. Sounds like a happy season. I have do A to Z for several years and will again this year.I have enjoyed the challenge.

  10. Love all the beautiful new things in your life!

  11. I am glad all these changes are good and you have more time with Bill- including holidays. My hubby has the green thumb here too and I am the animal person. I am happy to see you joined the a-z challenge.

  12. Spring has not exactly sprung here yet. In fact, it's snowing out right now and quite possibly might be a snow day tomorrow. Hopefully my "blooms" stay safely underground for a bit longer or they will freeze.

    Glad to hear that Kenzie is adjusting well. Look forward to seeing more of that pretty face.
    And YES -- to some poetry from you!! Cannot wait for that. Good luck - you'll do great.

  13. Hey, that new stuff going on with you sounds pretty good, McGuffy Ann! We're excited for spring and all it brings! :)

  14. Kenzie is beautiful! Great that your husband's job has changed. Sounds like you both like the changes it will bring.

  15. That's a lot of new things going on for you, and all good.

  16. You've already heard our big news: the engagement of Astrid and Sampson. I look forward to your blogging more often. I am so happy that your home life will be more normal for all of you. Love and warm hugs, Janet

  17. THIS is what I wanted to hear about, to read. Fantastic news, Annie! I am so glad that you and Bill are getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. So much so that you are going to be sharing more of your writing again – yay. The A – Z challenge – I would not dare. I just hope that I’ll get back to a regular schedule 1) in blogging and 2) in returning visits and comments  I am very happy for you two.