Sunday, April 17, 2016

A-Z Half-Time

We interrupt this A-Z Challenge to visit RoryBore of Ink Interrupted. Ms RoryBore hosts a weekly Coffee Chat. I usually join in, as it one of my "favourite hang-outs". However, I have been busy. The A-Z Blogging Challenge has kept me very focused on posts that coordinate with the letter of the day. 

This week, the Coffee Chats topic is "favourite hang-outs". So, here I am. Two weeks ago, the Coffee Chat topic was "Sticks and Stones". We were invited to share how words affect us. 

I tend to think things through before giving an opinion. I keep journals filled with my thoughts. I don't like rants and believe it is not the same as venting, though both can be hurtful. 
My Grampy used to say, "Make sure your words are sweet. You may have to eat them." I love words and the power of words. With this in mind, I do try to choose my words carefully. I have posted thoughts on words in the past.  I feel this is worth sharing again. I hope you do, too. 

"Words bring us together, a fundamental human connection that we rely upon throughout our lives. Words are tangible links to feelings, reflecting what cannot be seen.
Words explain us, defining us to ourselves, as well as to others. Words describe who we are and who we want to become.
Words document our journey, telling where we have been and where we are going. Our road is paved with words unspoken and landscaped with words screamed in vain.
Words can claim us, chain us, even decimate us. 
Yet words mark our paths, showing us the way, encouraging us, moving us forward, lifting us up, taking us to where we have never been, even setting us free.
Words announce our arrival into this world and words commemorate us when we leave it, left to forever echo in the hearts of those who cared.

Words remain."

~McGuffy Ann Morris

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  1. I love your gramps saying, Make sure your words are sweet, you might have to eat them.

  2. Your Grampy was a wise and eloquent man! Thank you for sharing his words -- and yours -- with us, McGuffy Ann.

  3. An excellent break, thank you.

  4. You gramps was definitely wise!! And I love this bit about words -- especially about how they will echo on in the hearts of those who remain. Your words do remain also. Lovely!!! So glad to have you hang with me. :)

  5. Words are so very powerful, and can accomplish much for the good or the evil intent. Too often words spoken in haste or in times of upset will come back to haunt us. It is better to think carefully first, but not always an easy thing to do, especially if you have grown up in a reactive environment rather than a reflective one. I know that you have taken these words to heart and are always very careful to choose what you say. I love you for that!

  6. I don´t write much. Mostly I talk through images :)

  7. That is beautiful. I wish I could use my words as well as you do. Sometimes I have thoughts, but can't get the
    right words to paper ( or computer). Thank you for the kind words you left for me on my blog about Spooky. XO and love to you my friend.