Sunday, April 24, 2016


Everywhere I go, people are discussing the upcoming American elections. Rarely will I partake in the discussions. These are heated, even nasty, outpourings of words meant to bait and often anger others.

Each person has their own pointed opinion. They are ready to hook you and convert you to their way of thinking. They are convinced not only that they are correct, but that you are woefully, even sinfully wrong.  They will show you articles and posts that your candidate of choice is a sinner, an unfit human being. They want to convince you that not only is he going to hell but that you will, too, if you vote for him.

To be sure, I know someone who lost a “friend” to the elections. When she could not be converted to the self-righteous way of thinking, she was “unfriended” not only in social media, also but in the real world. Granted, this was after years of effort to convert her, albeit unsuccessfully, by the other woman. Obviously, this woman was never truly her friend. I elect to not have "friends" like that.

Indeed, political parties have become another form of corrupt cults. I will vote my way, for the one that I believe is the right choice for me and my country. I won't be bullied or chastised. I know my heart and I know my conscience. I do not need someone else to tell me what is right. I will respect the rights of others to choose, but I expect others to respect mine. I will not debate. I will leave that unpleasant task to the candidates; then I will vote. 

May God bless America.

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“We have a presidential election coming up.  
And I think the big problem, of course, 
is someone will win.” ~Barry Crimmins 


  1. Amen to this sentiment. The candidates this year and their campaigns have created enough air pollution for us all, we don't need to debate it amongst ourselves. I long for an election where the issues are truly the issue! Like you, I vote my conscience and I don't debate politics, or religion, with my friends - or with anyone else for that matter. I have no need to prove my point, though I am always willing to listen to others.

  2. I'm obsessed with the election and while it's hard to keep quiet that seems like the most wise thing to do.

  3. Excellent post- as always. I try to avoid political and religious discussions. I would not want a friend that insisted I agree with their thinking. One of my dear friends from college has had differing opinions from me many times, but is mature enough to respect my choice and still be my friend. That is a true friend. XO

  4. Yes. If you want to talk and tell me why you see things the way you do, i will listen, and i will, if you want, tell you what i think and why. If we disagree, we will still be friends, and we will understand each other's point of view better.

  5. I think election decisions are made more difficult by the media. Not only do they tell us what was said they put their spin on it. I would like the candidates to spend more time talking about who they are, what they believe, what they would like to see accomplished and how they would do it instead of telling us all about the other candidates and their shortcomings. Well written post, Annie, thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

  6. I agree too. I also have lost a friend or two because I would not be converted to their way of thinking. It is hurtful to be treated in such a way, but better to find out who the real friends are and thankfully I have quite a few who take me as I am.

  7. Amen. We agree with you 100 percent, McGuffy Ann!

  8. I worry about you guys down there!! You have a tough one this time around - so much air pollution indeed. And to think Democracy was supposed to bring people together: united. But it all seems so divided now. I keep you all in my prayers. :)