Friday, April 8, 2016


She sits in the rocker passing the years,
soothing away heartaches, illness, and fears.
In it, she has rocked hundreds of miles
and turned hundreds of frowns into countless smiles.
Whenever something was dreadfully wrong
Granny would hold them and sing them a song.
Run to Granny, climb into her lap,
the ideal place for a peaceful nap.
But, now they’re all gone with lives of their own,
and Granny sits and rocks alone.
Age and time have now taken ahold,
so she rocks a lot slower since she’s grown old.
Soon the rocker will slow then cease to rock, 
and Time will stand still on Granny’s clock.

~McGuffy Ann Morris 

Grannies represent a special thread in the proverbial family quilt. I hope this will speak to you about yours. My Granny G. was a tiny woman with a big spirit. She was a force to be reckoned with. This is a tribute to her.

This poem won first place in a competition several years ago. It was shared here in 2013. 

Please read my Challenge Reveal Post for insight on the poetry that I chose to share here.


  1. So beautiful and, although it's tinged with a little sadness it's very gentle and has a sense of rightness, of the way things should be about it.

  2. Grannies are so special, i know both of mine were. My children only have one, and she has worked hard to have a special place in their hearts.

  3. I love the poem. My granny was too busy to ever sit in a rocker, although she did sit in a comfy chair to crochet. Loved her so.

  4. This post was lovely and I can see why you won an award for it. I enjoy my rocking chair too! I miss my Grandma a lot, and there are so many things I'd like to talk with her about now.
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie's Journal

  5. A lovely tribute and suits me just fine for the grannies in my life too!

  6. That is beautiful, I can see why it won awards. It makes me sad though because now that my Mom is a great- grandmother , I see her slowing down and it terrifies me. XO

  7. Annie, it reminds me of a poem I wrote many, many years ago as a tribute to my mother's grandmother. I never met her, but my mother told stories about Granny when I was a little girl, and I always remembered them. Good job, and congratulations on taking first place with it. Much love, Janet

  8. What a lovely poem about grandother. I'm a grandmother and great grandmother and never sit in my rocking chair because I don't have babies to hold anymore, only when they visit.
    It makes me wonder at the difference between me and my own grandmothers.

  9. Congratulations on your much deserved award.