Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It’s not an unsolved mystery,
what happened to my years.
I journeyed through them, not alone,
with laughter, love, and tears.
I left bits and pieces
of myself along the way;
the seeds of memories have grown
and comfort me today.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

As we get older, our memories often comfort us. Special moments are wonderful to make, and they can be priceless later. Capturing these memories with words (and in photos) are tangible ways to create a timeless quilt of comfort. They can become heirlooms to share with future generations, too. 

Please read my Challenge Reveal Post for insight on the poetry that I chose to share here.


  1. A quilt of comfort ...i love that!

  2. I agree with Pip! That's very poignant.
    I feel silly about my reply when you mentioned my other blogs. There is a participating group to which I contributed. Guess I just had a mental laps yesterday. ~rolls eyes~ If you're interested, you can find us here:
    Writer Zen Garden
    Have a lovely day!

  3. That's a lovely poem. And I also like the phrase 'a quilt of comfort'.

  4. Beautiful! Perfect imagery of the memories we make as go through life. The older we get the more precious they become.

  5. That's a nice idea, memory seeds. Even i could plant those!

  6. Excellent poem, I love the idea of a quilt of comfort.

  7. Both the poem and what you wrote about the poem are very insightful. Unfortunately, at my age, I have found that some memories have faded. Unfortunately it is never the bad or embarrassing ones. Love and warm hugs, Janet

  8. Sewing memories stitch by stitch with love shows a happy quilter!!
    Beautiful piece....!! Hugz Annie.