Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Be the Bloom

We are all in this together. One world, but many species. Therefore, what we say and what we do always affect others. You become known by these things; ultimately, these very things will affect you, too. Reputation follows us, becomes us.

I believe in the old adage, “Bloom where you’re planted.” I have written poetry about it. My poetry book, Weeds, has many elements of this way of thinking. 

I believe that God puts us in certain situations for a reason. He expects us to grow, bloom, and brings beauty to others in various ways. We should grow into who we are meant to be.

Granted, the conditions may be difficult. There may be weeds that try to choke out life. Sometimes others cling to us, suffocating us, sapping our energy. Some of us succumb to weeds, others are content being weeds. Yet, there are those who want more. There are the wild roses, who grow in almost barbaric conditions. They thrive, offering beauty and sustaining the honey bee. And, look at the mighty oak tree, who feeds nature and offers shade to others in the heat of the day.

Perhaps, for others, the conditions are very harsh. The hot soil may be dry, and it may be hard to take root. There may seem to be little sustenance. But, look at the cactus plant. The cactus manages to bloom in very unfavourable conditions. All around her it is dry, harsh, and desolate. Life is hard, often bleak, yet she manages to not only go on…she thrives. She brings life and even sustenance to those around her. And, they see it. They know her for what she offers. She blooms.

A friend and I were talking recently. She was going into work wearing a new, brightly coloured blouse that she was excited about. Her blouse was just about the colour of the cacti blooms in the photo she had previously shared with me. I told her that her blouse should brighten up the office like the cacti blooms. I had fallen in love with cacti when I spent time in Arizona. I saw them for what they are, in all their glory. As we finished our conversation, I told my friend, “Be the bloom.”

I don’t think God is quite finished with me yet. And so, I am not finished with this thing called life. I choose to try to be the best “me” that I can be. I want to bring my own kind of subtle beauty to others, in whatever way that I can. I want to be part of solutions, not problems.

We can go out there in life and be part of the dreary garden that we find ourselves in, or we can suck the life out of others, or never even take root. Or...we can take root and thrive right where we are, even bringing life and sustenance to those around us. We can be that wild rose, or perhaps that mighty oak. 

No matter what we do, others will notice. They will know us by what we say and what we do. They will know us by what and who we are. So, I say, “Be the bloom.”

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"You can't build a reputation 
on what you're going to do."
~Henry Ford




  1. That's why blooming season is so special!

  2. My girl, this is why I love you.

  3. Fabulous Annie, thank you o much.

  4. You are definitely the bloom. You bring joy to me, and I am sure the rest of your readers feel that way too. One of my friends in college told me the saying, Bloom where you are planted- that is what her Dad always told her. XO

  5. What an amazing post. We do think alike.

    We can become an internet bouquet.

  6. McGuffy Ann, we love this post so, so much. You are the bloom in so many ways for us. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful! You express yourself so well. You are one of the blooms in the blogsphere. We do all have a purpose. There is reason for the life we are given. I will try to be the bloom when I go to work tomorrow. Thanks for linking to In Other Words.

  8. I want to be the bloom!!! A wild rose! I love that quote - my grandma used to say it. Don't worry about such things you can't control, just bloom where you are planted. I still say it might just be the best advice ever. Love this and how you bloom!

  9. Such a wonderful, thought-provoking, life-affirming post, thank you.

    Of course, even many "weeds" are wildflowers that humans have deemed unacceptable, like the dandelion. :-)

    I don't think our opportunity for growth and knowledge (inner and outer) ever ends as long as we take breath. The real joy is in the journey!

    Peace, and purrs from the boys.

  10. Very well said. Sometimes the growing isn't easy, it's always worth it.

  11. Very well-written Annie. I have a dream for an old dilapidated building right now, and has consumed so much of my time. But I'm trudging forward.

  12. We are both the bloom. I love this.

    Have a wonderful day my friend. ♥

  13. Wow, Annie, I cannot believe I missed this when you first posted. This is so thoughtful and again thought-provoking, as is most of your writing. Well done. I am going to try to "Be the Bloom" Love, hugs and prayers, Janet

  14. This was really good! What we bring to the world, to others, and to our own life, makes all the difference.