Saturday, May 28, 2016


Daddy wore his boots to war;
through jungles he walked,
his feet so sore.
He would send letters
each telling a story;
Mommy would keep them,
proud in his glory.
After the war,
the soldiers came home.
Though Daddy is missing,
he is not alone.
His boots in the corner
are gathering dust,
but they help to keep him
alive for us.
He’s never forgotten,
though he may be gone.
We honour his memory,
as Time marches on.

~McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Free Domain

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  1. That was a most wonderful tribute.

  2. Oh Annie, beautiful. I love your words.

  3. So very powerful and appropriate for this Memorial Day weekend. Those of us from the Vietnam generation know too well those who never came home. I pray for their families who may never know their fate. Thank you for these words of their reality, it's important we remember.

  4. Sad. A beautifully written reminder of our loss and their sacrifice.

  5. Excellent poem which is sadly true for so many families. XO

  6. A perfect tribute for this Memorial Day- and so sad.

  7. Sad and true for so many. My heart goes out to all of our Gold Star Families.

  8. So well done as always, Annie. Thoughtful and touching. Love and hugs, Janet

  9. What a wonderful and moving tribute, especially this Memorial Day weekend. Hugs to you, McGuffy Ann.

  10. A beautiful tribute!! Boots are such an awesome memory keeper. both Left Brain and I have pairs of our late grandfather's cowboy boots.

  11. lol, not my kind of boots :) But a good image :)

  12. Yes, time marches on and we must remember those who marched off to battlefields so we have the life we have today.

  13. Perfect poem to remember, and on memorial day.