Monday, May 9, 2016

Gut Feelings

Sometimes You Just "Know"...

1. ...that there is a Greater Being in this world that loves you, and all of us, unconditionally. 

2.  ...that you'll never see someone again.

3.  ...that you've met a soul that complements your own.

4.  ...that something is terribly wrong.

5.  ...that there is a health concern the doctors were completely overlooking.

6.  ...that someone is involved in something harmful.

7.  ...that there really are new mercies every morning.

8.  ...that love can truly transcend time and space.

9.  ...that everything has a purpose.

10.  ...that hearts can go on with gaping wounds and missing pieces.

~Author Unknown

This is from an email that I received from a close friend. I felt it is well worth sharing. If we listen to that inner voice, we often come out better off than when we don't listen. Of course, we need to listen to that voice with our heart.


  1. We do know when we listen with our heart. XO

  2. This is indeed an awesome piece, I agree with every single one of them! Sometimes you really do just know.

  3. Thank you so much! If anyone is ready to choose a path, I would highly recommend this one.

  4. Yes indeed, that sure is true!

  5. Yes, this is something to share. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for this. I needed it today.

  7. Yes, and sometimes you just know who is on the phone (without the call ID) and what the news is.

  8. Annie, I am so happy your friend shared this with you so you could share it with us. I am going to save it. I owe you an e-mail and will try to write tomorrow. Sending lots of love and hugs, Janet

  9. It's amazing how true those gut feelings are. Plus how many we have probably all had!

  10. I found myself nodding to ssooo many of these!!