Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

This is for the childless mothers,
not by choice but of circumstance,
because though her arms are empty,
her heart is always full.

This is for the motherless,
the ones who know that 
no love is perfect, but 
a mother’s love is special.

And, this is for the special ones
who mother those in need,
sharing the love in their hearts,
knowing that love is a gift.

Whether your babies are flesh and blood 
or fur and fuzz, this is for you. 
You deserve this, because,
Love is always its own reward.

~McGuffy Ann Morris


  1. Happy Mothers Day to special Moms everywhere!

  2. What a wonderful creation.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. Perfect sentiment...:)JP Happy Mothers Day to you as well!...:)JP

  4. I love this! Motherhood takes many forms. You have mothered so many of God's neediest creatures, and I know that each and every one holds a special place in your heart. Mothering is caring beyond measure, love knows the way. <3

  5. That was beautiful, it made me cry. Happy Mother's Day to you! XO and love too!

  6. As always, Annie, beautifully written. My mom died 51 years ago when I was 16. We never had the opportunity to have a "good" relationship. Not sure that would have developed, though. Being a mom to furry children is in some ways a lot easier and in some ways much harder. Thanks for recognizing all moms in your poem. I pray you had a blessed, relaxing and happy day filled with lots of love. Sending my love, Janet

  7. That's beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I'm not surprised at the tenderness and loveliness here as your heart os full and you nourish those who need it.
    Love you,

  9. Beautiful ... Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

  10. Beautiful thoughts. You have a beautiful heart.

  11. That's beautiful, McGuffy Ann! As always, you've captured so TRUTH in your poetry. Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

  12. What a sweet poem. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  13. Lovely! Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

  14. What a delightful poem...and the last line says it all. Lovely lovely!!

  15. Perfection!! Your fur babies really lucked out and are extremely blessed!! <3

  16. It sure does, and I'm hoping your day was special too!