Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fill-In Statements: Week 7

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts! 

Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 7: June 24, 2016...

1. My feelings get hurt when ________________________________.

2. I am excited about ______________________________________. 

3. _____ first, then _____. 

4. One time, I _____; that's why _____.


  1. 1 = de food servizz gurl sayz: noe ewe can knot eat lectric cordz
    2 = gettin brushed on caturdayz
    3 = GIE UNT CAT KIBBLE, canned goodz
    4 = hid up inn side de box springz, eye canna get under de bed any mor

    we iz offline til monday; sew heerz two a moorish idol …chek him out ! kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  2. You keep coming up with goodies!