Friday, June 24, 2016

Friendly Fill-In: Week 7

Welcome to "Friendly Fill-Ins"! Each Thursday we post four statements with blanks for you to fill in. The first two fill-ins are provided by my co-host, Ellen of The final two statements are offered by myself. On Friday, we post a link so we can all share the completed fill-ins. Please remember to visit everyone on the list, that is part of the fun!

Here are this week's fill-ins with the blanks:

1. My feelings get hurt when ________________________________.

2. I am excited about ______________________________________. 

3. _____ first, then _____. 

4. One time, I _____; that's why _____.

Here are my completed statements:

1. My feelings get hurt when I realize that a friendship does not have mutual loyalty. It is important to me.

2. I am excited about making some positive changes for the “golden years”. Times change, and time changes usSometimes we need to change directions to achieve what we really want and need.

3. Think first, then think, again. Too often, people do not think; they speak or act in haste. So, think twice. What you say and do always affects others. Think about that.

 4. One time, I was locked outside in a violent thunderstorm; that's why I both fear and respect the power of weather. I was only eight years old. It made quite an impression on me to see the lightning, hear the thunder, feel the high winds, and have no access to shelter.

“Don’t walk in front of me; 
I may not follow. 
Don’t walk behind me; 
I may not lead. 
Just walk beside me, 
and be my friend.” 
                           ~Albert Camus

Now, it's your turn. Please link up with us here. Or, you can answer in the comments.  


  1. I'm sure it was terrifying being a little girl trapped outside during a bad storm. I know when I was little, they scared me and I was inside the house. I would hide behind doors to get away from the booming thunder and flash of the lightning. At this point in my life, I love to watch storms and even chase them. However, I have not enjoyed day after day of thunderstorms for nearly two months now. It gets a bit tedious after awhile.

    I love your kitty pics. The hurt feelings kitty reminds me very much of our angel Xerxes. He was a black and white kitty, too. I can also picture him with his (stuffed) baby tiger on a leash pulling him to the food bowl. That would be something he would do.

    Best wishes on the changes that you're making. Have a blessed week!

  2. Thinking more than once has saved me much heartache in some things.

  3. I always love your answers. They are so true. I especially agree about change, although most of us hate change, it's necessary. Have a great weekend!

  4. Always such wonderful answers! I love your #2, and how terrifying #4 must have been for you. Thank you for hosting and sharing!

  5. I can only imagine how scary that storm must have been for you, especially being only eight years old and not able to get inside! I remember my mom telling me that when she was a little girl she was in Oklahoma visiting family and was trapped outside by wind and couldn't get inside and nobody could hear her yells.

    Yes, I want to always think before I speak. Unfortunately, I don't always remember to do that. Your #3 answer has some very good advice!

  6. As always, I enjoyed your answers except for you being locked out in a thunderstorm as a child. That must have been horrible. I agree that people need to think more, especially before they speak. Most people don't listen, they are too worried about their own response. Don't worry about our friendship, I am loyal. XO

  7. Great answers. Thunder storms can be terrifying even when you're an adult and inside.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Your answers are very wise! #2 sounds exciting—sounds like you’re on the edge of an adventure. Love the memes—so cute!

  9. P.S. We had really bad storms last night. I can't imagine how scared you must have been as a child!

  10. Great answers + fun photos & gifs ;-)

  11. Beautiful answers.

    I LOVE your photos and the poem.

    Number three is VERY important. I sometimes forget to think before speaking.

    THANK YOU, and enjoy your weekend.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Friendly Fill-ins

  12. These are some cute pictures of cats and also some good answers. The hurt Feelinz kitty is so adorable. He does look like a furrier version of Xerxes, our angel kitty.

  13. Those were great answers. We don't like rhunderstorms of any size!

  14. I love Camus!! I used to have a favorite quote of his on my mouse pad. 'In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."
    I can't even imagine the terror I would have felt being locked out so young in the middle of a storm. Holy cow.

  15. Yeah being stuck out in the middle of a thunderstorm is always very frightening. I've had to walk out a few times into a thunderstorm when I wanted to be inside. That cat has a very loyal friend!

    : )

  16. The photos and the video are too cute, Annie!
    Happy Weekend to you.
    Peace :)

  17. I kid you not ...i had the same experience at 8yo!!! Weird!!! I respect but love thunderstorms!

  18. My feelings are hurt when someone I thought was a friend does not stand up for me when I am attacked. I am excited about going up to the lake with my raft. Clean litter boxes first, then my first cup of coffee in the morning. One time, I got very ill after eating cheese from the Wheeler Dealer overstock store. That's why I don't shop there any longer.

  19. I guess I am in my golden years. Not much has changed other than I no longer work full time and I am no longer living in a state of "hurry". I try to think before speaking or acting...not always successfully. Love the day pics!

  20. Mutual trust in a friendship is so important, in any relationship really. I am not too excited about the "golden years" but I am trying to remain positive. We should always think first, which is hard for people with impulsive natures to do! ;-) Being outside and unprotected in a storm would be terrifying! I love storms, but I've never felt at risk in one or that might change. All great questions, thank you for Friendly Fill-Ins! :-)

  21. Your answers are perfect, McGuffy Ann. Numbers one and two especially resonate with me.

  22. I cannot stop watching that animated meme :)

  23. Scary about the thunderstorm. We need rain! My brain has felt fried all week so I missed the Fill-ins. I have been trying to do them here, 15andmeowing, and where I first started which was One Spoiled Cat. The second part of your #2 applies to us this past week... :)

  24. Exceptionally good and thought-provoking statements as always. The final video was terrific. Love and hugs, Janet