Friday, July 22, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 11

 Welcome to "Friendly Fill-Ins"! You can find the fill-ins here or at each Thursday. The first two fill-ins are provided by my co-host, Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. We have posted a link so we can all share the completed fill-ins.

We thank you for joining us each week. Your participation is very important. Sharing with you and getting to know you better through your answers is what it is all about. Please remember to visit everyone on the list. Thank you!

Here are my completed fill-ins for this week:

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to clean my house every week. It is really okay that I don’t have a housekeeper, but if I could…yes, it would be nice.

2. Zucchini is really good with tomatoes, onions, garlic and parmesan cheese. We usually can it to use later, too. It is really good with pasta.
 3. One Summertime memory I recall is learning to ride Uncle Eddie’s dirt bike. I had just turned twelve, school was out, and I was ready to roll! Uncle Eddie gave me lessons going down the old, dirt road. I was doing really well. Then we hit the corn field. I was flying…until I came up through the ditch and landed in the fire ant hill! I was instantly covered, as was the dirt bike. Uncle Eddie ran to me, grabbed me up and ran to Grandma’s yard. He hosed me off with the garden hose. I was crying and laughing at the same time. Poor Uncle Eddie blamed himself. I convinced him that I was fine, and to please let me do it again…without the fire ants!

4. This Summer I have been working on my journals. I am sorting through old thoughts and ideas, searching for bits and pieces to use in my writing. It is definitely a process that leads to other processes. I always find myself in there, right where I left me.

May your work always be play,
and may you always have helpers!

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  1. There's nothing quite like corn fields and fire ants, eh? haha I remember the water hose treatment from my own childhood. It was great! Did you get to ride the dirt bike again?

    I agree with the kitty at the top of this post. It is so much harder than it looks.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. The third one is interesting and amusing. Such things do happen to most of 12 year olds when they learn to ride a cycle. I can very well relate to the last answer. Good luck to you for your search processes.

  3. Great answers! #3 sounds like such a great memory. I love #4. I need to catch up on my journals - it is such a wonderful thing, writing down your thoughts, going back through them later. Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge!

  4. Annie, #3... Yikes!
    Good Morning!
    #4.. I journal every morning :)

  5. Having someone clean the house would be very nice :) Ouch with the fire ants- I have never even seen one and I Never hope to. Did you get to ride the bike again? One of my zucchini casseroles is similar to what you wrote, it is all those ingredients minus the garlic, but I add thinly sliced potatoes and bake it.
    I am glad you have had some time to go through your journals. Have a great weekend! XO

  6. I wished for the same thing in number 1. LOL Your dirt bike adventure sound fun, but eeek on the fire ants! Going through old journals sounds like it would be so rewarding and such a learning experience, seeing what you were thinking years ago.

  7. Great answers! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. A thousand times yes on someone to clean my house. I thought I could train the kids to do it, but I've failed in that department. ;)

    You make Zucchini sound yummy. ;)

    Ohhhhh! Fire ants! Those little buggers are mean! I love that you were ready to go again (without the fire ants) immediately afterwards, though. And I have an Uncle Eddie, too! :)

    I wish I had gotten into the habit of writing in a journal or even a diary - but alas, I keep all my words in my head, and they seem trapped. I bet you have some awesome memories in those journals!!

    Have a great weekend, Ann! Thanks for the opportunity to join your party! ;)

  9. Great questions and answers! I can see we think alike on #1. If I was wealthy that would be my fantasy! I love zucchini in all forms, and it's so easy to grow. It is good with pasta! Fire ants... YIKES! I don't think I would be laughing, but I admire your determination to get up and do it again. Your overcomer attitude has been your salvation in life. I know what you mean about re-reading earlier writings. When I go back to read the first blogs I wrote over ten years ago I am amazed at what I find there that I don't recall writing. I am sure your journals are treasures! XOXO

  10. OMC Mom stepped in fire ants a couple of weeks ago and her poor feet were in terrible pain and were itchy and swollen!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. McGuffy, my childhood best friend had a mini bike and I'd ride on the back with her. It was great fun. I remember the first time I drove her mini bike. I was like a nervous Cathy. We were in a open field. The grass was sort of tall. It seemed like I was flying off the face of the planet, but I'm sure it couldn't have been faster than 30mph (more likely a lot slower) when I hit a bag in the weeds. It startled me so badly I nearly lost the bike, but God kept His hand on me and I regained control. Needless to say, I was shaken up after that and was more than ready to call it quits. lol Thanks for hosting the Friday fun, my friend. Have a funtastic weekend!

    Stupidity #humor #celebrate #fridayfillins

  12. If i lived closer to you, i'd clean your house, and i wouldn't charge you too much. Love the cat in the shark suit!

  13. Great answers, but we think cleaning is overrated!

  14. The cat that got wiped out cleaning is hilarious. I feel that way, too.

  15. I did over at Mom Ellen's page. I think those pictures and captions are the best EVER!!!

  16. Great fill in answers. I just made pasta with zucchini and squash...and some other veggies. It was delish! ~Island Cat Mom

  17. We love your fill-in answers, Annie! For #4, I would say This Summer is going by so quickly. We can hardly believe it is almost August! Have a great weekend!

  18. Dirt bikes are fun! But ants are not...

    I really hope their will be another Mcguffy book one day!

    LOL! That shark video at the bottom.

    The cat: is bored

    The dog: is wondering what all this is about.

    The duck: Hey cat! My turn, my turn, on the robot!

  19. I have been meaning to link up sooner than today but life just has me spinning at a rate of insanity right now that I never remember until Sunday when I sit down to catch up with the week before. I love this link up and am glad to see it has returned!

    Your zucchini idea is awesome, sounds like a yummy summer salad!

    And fire ants are evil. I hope you weren't stung in all that fun!

  20. Your zucchini sounds yummy. I saute it with red peppers and olive oil or make a zucchini and tomato melt. Hope to link up in the near future.