Saturday, July 2, 2016



The sun in the west slowly eases down
as evening settles quietly over the town.
Paper-boys on bicycles bring the news,
while old folks on porches sit and snooze.
Boys run and play along the sidewalk,
while girls play hopscotch with rainbow chalk.
Mother’s voices call small children home,
and dogs are barking at cats that roam.
Tired dads relax in front of the TV,
after working hard to provide for family.
Traffic on Main Street begins to slow;
street-lamps and porch lights start to glow.
As silence settles on the houses and lawns,
it seems as if the whole town yawns.
We appreciate life the traditional way, 
still peacefully, in Home Town, USA.

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  1. Very nice, it brings back memories of my childhood- the good ole days.

  2. Great imagery, There is a specialness to small town life.

  3. Very special times, thank you for the lovely reminder.

  4. Love it...makes me think of my childhood when life was lived at a slower pace without everybody's eyes glued to their cell phones and computers. Sending lot of love and hugs. Trying to get caught up after BP. XO, Janet

  5. interesting, you filled the empty street with your words :)

  6. Very pretty the way it used to be!

  7. You've painted the perfect picture with your words.

  8. Lovely thoughts for a Sunday. Brings back lots of wonderful memories

  9. What a nice poem and declaration of love for small town America.
    You know, I've never known it and I am not sure I could deal with it, but it sure sounds... cozy.
    Thank you for participating in sARTurday, Annie. I won't be gone, just a summer break and I hope to see you around, as well as in September when the linkup will be back.

  10. Goodness we sure do! This is just my perfect little town view, (brings back good memories too) your words are so lovely and true.

  11. Lovely poem - brings back images of the good old days. Thanks so much for your kind words for our Sweetpea.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  12. I know we can never go back in time, but if only...

  13. A perfect glimpse into an earlier time.

  14. I wish the peace and the sense f home were still there. Very little of it left. Only a new order of things that makes the ghost of the past so far away now.

  15. I just LOVE this picture this paints!! It could be my very own small town Canada too... and I love that our two countries share this simple idea of "home." Happy 4th of July my friend -- proud to be your neighbour. <3

  16. You definitely reminded me of my small town childhood. Unfortunately, it's not such a small (or nice) place anymore. I'm happy where I am now, though. ~grin~ Thank you for the lovely poem!