Friday, November 18, 2016

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 28

Welcome to "Friendly Fill-Ins"! You can find the fill-ins here or at each Thursday. The first two fill-ins are provided by my co-host, Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. We have posted a link so we can all share the completed fill-ins.

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Here are my completed fill-ins for this week:

1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is that when I cook for Thanksgiving, I make cornbread stuffing. I was raised with this tradition. My Southern roots say there should be cornbread stuffing.

2. Black Friday is all about black cats, in our home! Just ask Chloe Jo. Grizelda is like Sasquatch; there are only rumoured sightings of her. She will never push her beliefs. But, we celebrate her, too!
                                                                                                   Chloe Jo
3. The best part about Thanksgiving Day is that in this busy world we live in, it not only reminds us, but encourages us to take time for what and who matters. We are supposed to give thanks for the food, shelter, love, and many other fulfilled needs that we have, as well as those we share it with. May we all take time to focus on our blessings and give thanks.

4. One Thanksgiving, I traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Houston, Texas, on a Santa Fe train. I was ten years old, we were moving, and I was not at all happy about the move. It was quite an adventure to travel by train for two long days, though!

May you always have plenty to eat 
and be surrounded by love!
~Happy Thanksgiving!~

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  1. All those kitties are adorable. :)

    I definitely agree with your #3.

    I bet that train ride was fun although it was long. I understand not being happy about a move. The summer that I turned 13, my family made a move. It wasn't a long move by any stretch, but it changed everything for me. I had to switch school districts and, for awhile, I was homeless, or at least felt that way. I did get to spend that summer with my Aunt Mae (Grandma's older sister). I loved her dearly, but things were so confusing that summer.

    I hope that your move got you to a better place and that you enjoyed the train ride and the scenery along the way.

    Have a blessed day. :)

  2. I enjoyed your fill-ins and would love to know how to make cornbread stuffing.

    Shoko, Kali and Mom Jean

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Got to love the kitty singing in the cage.

  4. Fabulous fill-ins today! Love all the pictures have the BEST "accompanying" photos! Here's to a happy week ahead as we celebrate all the things we're thankful for..........

    Love, Sammy

  5. It is about the love, and being grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. Great answers! Cornbread stuffing sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. You answers are so great. I just love how this challenge allows us to better know our blogging friends!

    Cornbread stuffing sounds beyond delicious. I love all things cornbread. I also love your answer for #2, and I think I will have to adopt the cat-style Black Friday here at my house. Your #3 is beautiful and so very perfect. And, my goodness, what an adventure #4 must have been for you. We loved these festive fill-ins! Thank you so much for hosting this!

  8. Great Fill-ins. It's so nice to have traditions like your cornbread.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. I love cornbread and we have it occasionally. The one time I had cornbread stuffing,Made by MIL, it was very dry so I have never tried it again. I am sure yours is delicious and done well.

  10. Those were terrific! Hey, that last photo looks like our house!

  11. Great answers and memes to go with them, I Love the praying kitty- so sweet. I always have cornbread stuffing, but mine is from Pepperidge Farm, I do add dried cranberries to it though and cook it inside the turkey. I may try a recipe I saw on LouLou's blog for it though.
    I like your Black Friday way to celebrate, being that I have 3 black cats, I should do that too. One of the shelters near us has a Black Friday special and all black cats and dogs have an adoption fee of $5 to help them get adopted. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Bill and your furbabies. XO

  12. Yes!!! Black Friday should be about all the black cats!! Who do we vote for to make this happen? :)
    I would love to try cornbread stuffing!

  13. Grizelda and Chloe Jo, we agree with you 100 percent. When Mom and Dad were at the vet with Fiona the other day, there were two black female kittens (about six months old) waiting to be adopted. Mom so wanted to bring them home, but with Fiona's expenses, it just isn't possible. Your memes are purrfect as always as are your answers. Sending you love and hugs and prayers, Janet and Kitties Blue

  14. I love riding the train, but I guess not for two days. :)

    I am going to see my son on the train, but it is only a nine-hour ride.

    I have never had cornbread stuffing. Sounds very good.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Friendly Fill-ins

  15. Aww, poor Grizelda - don't fear, don't hide. Black cats are beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, Annie, with all your family around you.

    p.s. I am very intent on doing the Fill Ins tomorrow - watch me! Hah!! :)

  16. I really love your answers for numbers 2 and 3, Annie. Every Friday is Black (Cat) Friday here, too, with Gracie and Zoe. And Thanksgiving is all about the blessings we have - a day of celebration, reflection and love. Big hugs to you!

  17. Annie, I linked up on Friday and meant to come back for a visit but forgot. Silly me! I make cornbread stuffing, too. But, I take a shortcut using Pepper Ridge Farms mix, though. I follow the instructions and add some extra sage plus I add sausage to it. Yum, is it good! Over the years, there has been some low times for us - financially but one thing I'm grateful for is we've always had plenty to eat. God provides our every need. This Thanksgiving, we'll be saying a special thanks for the new job DH just got and will start either after Thanksgiving or the first Monday in December. God is truly good! Thanks for hosting the weekend fun, my friend and have a blessed Thanksgiving!