Tuesday, November 8, 2016



Weary is the forgiving heart,
covered in scars, yet again torn apart,
each word, each action, a poison dart.
So...I leave you with your alleged score chart.
Lessons finally learned, I am now heart smart.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

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  1. Strong hearts can forgive by letting go of all hope for a better past without allowing themselves to be door-mats in the future.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. Excellent poem, I wish everyone could become heart smart, but some never learn. I love the graphic you chose with it too. XO

  3. I am a bit heartbroken today, and my heart feels very heavy. Only time will tell if any chance of healing exists. You are always so insightful, Annie. Hugs and love, Janet

  4. Forgiving hearts are smart...and strong. The picture is perfect. Forgiving hearts are lifted with angel's wings. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

  5. Forgiveness is a strong heart - but sadly, also a smart one since it is through the hurt we learn. I'd rather let it all go than hold it inside and let it poison me though. Kinda seems like a good revenge - ha!

  6. Hmm, somehow your words make me sad, Annie. I hope that despite the scars you will stay as kind and forgiving and - heart smart.

    Big apologies for making my round so late - a week later, almost unforgivable...