Friday, December 2, 2016

Come Fly with Me, Sammy

Sammy, I want to take you and yours to a special place of comfort and joy. Knowing you love poetry, too, I attached my poem as explanation of how and why it is so special to me. I hope you enjoy it. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ❤

Take me back to where strong winds blow
while eagles soar high, with nature below.
Take me to the mountain, far up north, 
where lakes meet sky and legends pour forth.
Take me where man and beast live side by side,
where there is no fear, and peace can reside.
I need to know there are bears and deer,
and that they, like I, have a right to be here.
I want to see where wildlife lives,

where nature not only takes, but gives.
I want to be where ancient trees grow,
where the autumn sun makes the mountain glow; 
in spring and summer the trees are green,
and winter snow is deep and clean.
I want to be where beauty astounds,
where singing birds are natural sounds,
where lighthouses call the sailors home
from Gichi-Gami’s evening gloam.
I can go back only in memory today,
but my spirit lives there, up on Brockway.

Poem & Image: McGuffy Ann Morris

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❤ Godspeed, Sammy!❤


  1. Beautiful Annie! Your words make me teary but in a comforting good way! I know Sammy loved this! Hugs, Annie. Thinking of you and Chloe... ♥

    1. Thanks, Pix. I have been in tears all week. There is too much traffic on and towards The Rainbow Bridge.

  2. That was truly most wonderful.

  3. We know Sammy will love this! We can't stop crying.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Beautiful poem and place, I am sure Sammy loved it. He loved nature and going outside with his Mom. My heart is broken for poor Pam. XO

  5. Just is making a list of places she must visit too
    thanks for joining the hop
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. What a beautiful place - no wonder it inspired your perfect poem.....I am so pleased I got to see this lovely spot on earth before I headed off to the Bridge. Thank you for being part of my hop today!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  7. A beautiful poem for Sammy. Rest in Peace Sammy.

  8. That spotted kitten tummy!

    Thank you for the poem. It was spot on and spoke to me deeply.

  9. Total perfection, Annie. You made me want to visit, and I know Sammy is loving it. I have only made it to a few of the Come Fly with Me posts, but I plan to visit every one. Sending lots of love, hugs and special prayers for you and Chloe Jo.

  10. What a beautiful poem and beautiful place. I'm sure Sammy loved it too.

  11. That's so touching. It's sad and beautiful. My thoughts are with you. xx

  12. That is beautiful, Annie. We know that Sammy is smiling and purring about it at the Bridge. Hugs to you, dear friend.

  13. How beautiful! It's just purrfect for Sammy.

  14. Oh I love this. Everything I love about Nature is here. It's like you heard my own heart song!! xx

  15. Oh this is lovely, and thank you for the poem. I know Sammy will love it.