Saturday, December 17, 2016



I've already shopped, bought gifts galore,
then wrapped them up with bows and more.
I decorated the house inside and out;
each year brighter, without a doubt.
Still, something is missing; I don’t know what;
I must figure it out: no if, and, or but.
I baked lots of goodies to give and to share,
packaged them all up with love and care.
I wrote out cards from a very long list;
I don’t think there’s anyone I may have missed.
Still, something’s missing, what can it be?
It’s Christmas Eve, around the tree!                      
Lights are all lit, stockings are hung;
ready for Mass as church bells are rung.
Outside, what’s missing? I finally know.
A gift from the heavens: it’s Christmas snow!
Each snowflake, a miracle sent from above;
each miracle a gift of God’s perfect love.
Silent and holy, the snow pure and white,
reflections of God’s love born Christmas night.

Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris

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  1. A lovely poem Annie. As I type this, it's gently snowing in a slow unrushed way and all is white. To think that no two snowflakes are alike. What a gift.
    Have a great day.

  2. Ditto, that's a lovely poem.

    I'm being cheeky when I type this: We've been given a LOT of "gifts from the heavens" since November. :-)

  3. What a lovely image and lovely words that fill me with the spirit of Christmas :)

    I wish you a most wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow! Hope you do get some Christmas snow. The swamps wouldn't enjoy that, but i know you will.

  6. That's a beautiful poem. You have such a talent for writing.

  7. That was beautiful. We got lots of love from Heaven above today. :) XO

  8. Annie, your poem is a thing of beauty. You are so super talented. For me, I hope the only snow I see is in your poem, but it hit just the right note for Christmas. Thank you! Hope you are not all freezing. This cold is ridiculous. I sure am happy Tom and I no longer live in K.C. With love and many hugs, Janet

  9. Oh, Annie... very nice! A delightful poem. We have snow this morning, about an inch and it is 1 degree! Ice, too!

  10. What a beautiful poem, Annie! That snow is indeed a gift from Heaven, but do stay warm, okay? Hugs!

  11. Oh my friend, this is so so lovely!!! What a beautiful reminder of the season... and reason we celebrate. xx

  12. Annie, I love this poem! I'm going to work it into Sunday post for Christmas Day. Thanks for sharing and very nice job done, my friend! :D