Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Sercy

After Granny was gone, Jolene found the package in Granny’s kitchen drawer. Seeing her name on it, she unwrapped several layers of tissue to find Granny’s magic wand.

Tears ran down her face as she whispered, “Thank you, Granny.” Closing her eyes, she could hear Granny say, “Now, Child, it’s just a wooden spoon!”

Shaking her head, Jolene remembered how Granny used this spoon to mix powerful love into everything she cooked.

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sercy (n) taken from Urban Dictionary 
A term, usually used in the Southern US, to describe a small, possibly unexpected gift.

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  1. I have a wooden spoon like that. What a nice little story.
    Stay warm, it's very cold here this morning.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. That's the best kind of magic!!!

  3. The magic my grandmother left is in the cast iron that i love and use daily.

  4. Awww - isn't it so true? There are those little things that just seem to infuse us with good memories.
    Thanks for adding the explanation what a sercy is - I had no idea...

  5. oh brilliant!!!! Loved this... it actually made my heart flutter and I immediately thought of my own late grandma. :)

  6. So sweet and beautiful are your words, Annie! I still have my Grandma's apron that she used during the holidays, passed to my Mom who always wore it to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving. Thank you for stirring a special memory this afternoon!

  7. A heartwarming little story. Small things can bring back powerful memories.

  8. Wonderful story that brought back memories of my mother's wooden spoon that now hangs on my kitchen wall. Her spoon not only mixed things up it swatted backsides when needed! Thank you for sharing your sweet story with In Other Words.

  9. I had never heard that word before. I am going to try to add it to my vocabulary. Your story is total Christmas perfection. You have such an incredible mastery of this format. I always look forward to these posts. Sending you lots and lots of love, my friend, Janet

  10. In the right hands, under the ideal circumstances? Heck yes that's a magic wand. Beautifully told.