Friday, April 21, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 50

Welcome to "Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 50"!  We have been at this for almost a year! You can always find the fill-ins right here and at each Thursday. We post the linky on Friday, so we can all share. The first two fill-ins are provided by my friend and co-host, Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. 

With the A-Z Challenge still going, everyone is posting, reading, or both. We appreciate you being here, as always. We know you are busy, but please try to visit everyone on the linky list. No rush! Thanks.

I hope you are out and about and enjoying Spring. We certainly have been. Bill recently moved from one Yard to another, leaving his truck parked closer to home. The Yard is where trucks are kept when not on the road. This current location should help with getting home more easily, and back onto the road, too.

We have been transplanting Rose of Sharon, too. For the past couple of years, we have created a border of Rose of Sharon around our property line. It is turning out nicely. But, Bill still had extra ones. So, he is sharing with neighbors, now. Bill rescues plants and trees the way I rescue orphaned baby critters. Of course, we assist each other. We make a good team.

The questions really took some thinking this week! Here are my completed fill-ins:

1. The most interesting museum I have been to is The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, in Paradise, Michigan. The Lighthouse and Museum are located at Whitefish Point, on Lake Superior. On November 10, 1975, the freighter known as the Edmund Fitzgerald, went down 17 miles N-NW of Whitefish point. This is unarguably the most mysterious of all Great Lakes shipwrecks. Gordon Lightfoot memorialized this tragedy in the haunting mariner ballad, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Every year, I recall this tragic event as a tribute to the men lost to it. I was in ROTC when the Fitz went down. I remember. I know and love the people of the UP and that area of the U.S. This is personal to me. I should mention that many of my favourite museums are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love museums that are local to its area, telling the story by its own people.  

2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is difficult to pinpoint to one place. In 1976, I went to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, during the bicentennial. I have also walked the field where the Hindenburg disaster occurred, at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, in New Jersey. I have visited Ft. Wilkins Historic State Park at Copper Harbor, MI. The fort was built by the US Army, to keep the peace between copper miners and the Chippewa during the 1840s-copper rush. I have been through copper, silver, and iron mines in the UP of Michigan. I have been to many historical places, and all have moved me. I love America and would love to see it all.

3. Billy the Exterminator is back! I admit that I love this guy. I know that he is not perfect, and I forgive him his humanness. He cares about critters. He understands the importance of each creature that he is called upon to remove. He goes to great lengths to relocate critters that he can find appropriate homes for, whether it is bees or beavers. When he has no choice but to exterminate, he does so in fast and humane ways. He explains the situation and critter of each job. He then chooses the appropriate method of removal. I respect that. 

4. I was surprised to learn that River Monsters is ending. Jeremy Wade has taken us on some amazing adventures, teaching us about some of the most outlandish water creatures in this world. Perhaps I enjoyed living vicariously through Jeremy Wade. I love to fish and do so with a conscience for the fish, wildlife, and environment. I will really miss this show. 

Wherever Life takes you, may it be a breeze!

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  1. Your love and respect for people, places and critters shows through in your answers. Happy Friday!

  2. Meeeowww! Your yard must be absolutely beautiful! And I love that Bill is rescuing plants! You are just wonderful people!
    Glad to hear you're enjoying the spring! It's such a beautiful season. Hopefully spring will return to us as well. At least we have a clear blue sky and sunshine, even though its cold. But now Murli gets to enjoy her sun puddles again ☀️😺

    Those places you've been to must have been ameowzing! I'm very much interested in history and love to explore historical sites. The mines must have been quite the sight too! I've been to the Hallein Salt Mine, which is not very far from Salzburg. Loved the long chute we had to slide down on to go down there. Wish they would have let us go up and slide down a couple more times lol. It was beautiful down there, especially that underground lake is stunning to see. But that was the only mine I've ever been to.

    Have a pawsome Friday! Hugs, purrs and love, Natascha and Murli💕

  3. It was tough coming up with "one answer" for a couple of the blanks today! When you see a lot of the world, you realize there are so many "favorites" - some you find, some are yet to be discovered. Loved your fill-ins though. We've seen that video of the skydiving cat...not sure WHAT to think about that one! We don't have cable TV so don't know about those two shows but they do sound interesting..Happy Friday!

    Hugs, Pam, Angel Sam and Teddy too

  4. Annie, great answers! Oh I'd like to visit Valley Forge. That had to be amazing! Holy cow, that fish has some teeth! That's why I don't like being in deep water. You just don't know what in there with you, so no thank you I'll stick with being the landlubber that I am! The parachuting kitty is funny. It doesn't seem to mind that its falling to the ground. Maybe, it's thinking..."I have at least one life to spare if this doesn't work quite right." :)

  5. Sounds like you have been to some really neat museums and historic places. I had a hard time picking a "most interesting" from the places I've been. They're all interesting in their own way. Have a happy Friday and weekend :)

  6. I always enjoy your answers! Your #1 and #2 sound so fantastic. I also love learning and seeing the history of our wonderful America. I don't know much about Billy the Exterminator, but I am certainly going to look into him and his work. And my goodness, that fish! Wow! Thank you for always hosting this fun challenge! It makes Fridays all that much better.

  7. Your property must look so pretty with the Rose of Sharon. How nice of Bill to share with your neighbors! Your answer to #1 is so interesting. I was also at Valley Forge in 1976. I was young. We lived in California and parents took us on a bicentennial trip. We went to a lot of places on the East Coast. My husband really enjoys Billy the Exterminator. Billy seems like such a nice guy. I've never seen River Monsters.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Didn't think I'd make it, but I did! Wow - that fish really is a monster, well, figuratively speaking.

  9. CH is a transplanter and a saver of plants, too. I enjoyed your Fill-ins... always.
    I am not much of a museum person but I always love a trip to the St. Louis Art Museum.
    The most interesting historical place I have visited were the Civil War Battlefields in Virginia... Manassas National Battlefield, New Market Battlefield, and Petersburg National Battlefield.
    The Phoebes are back and building nests all over on our house... we love them but they make a mess. Three muddy nests now. One on the porch downspout, one on the screen for the vent to the roof, and one on our rock wall that is part of the front porch.
    I was surprised to see Mr. Baltimore building his purse-like nest in the same place as last year. Right near our sittin' place under the Oaks!

    1. Great answers. I love Phoebes :) My Phoebe used to hear them when looking out the window, but now she is going deaf so she doesn't seem annoyed by them. And very cool about the oriole, I have never seen a nest of theirs.

    2. Their nest is very unique... just like a small purse. I will try to get a picture. They have been working all day.

  10. I love your answers. You have been to a lot of interesting places.I have never heard of Billy the Exterminator-what channel does that come on? I think my hubby would enjoy that show. Have a great weekend! XO

  11. I love that you and your hubby are a team where he 'pretties' up the yard rescuing plants while you rescue animals - match made in heaven! :)

    The museum of which you speak sounds awesome - I'll have to add those you've mentioned to my list of where we should go on our next road trip. :)

    Unrelated: I love the Edmund Fitzgerald song - my hubby is a big fan of Gordon Lightfoot, and even got invited onstage to play the pedal steel for him in Ontario many years ago. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to play on a Friday ;) Have a great weekend!

    Friendly Fill-Ins with Historical Places, Museums, & more while we Celebrate the Small Things for Friday Fun!

  12. Great answers! I love museums and visiting historical places, but it's so hard to narrow down favorites. Have a great weekend!

  13. I've been to the Shipwreck Museum! I was a teenager - but I loved it. My family went to the UP every couple of years (my father grew up in a small German community close to Flint - and we'd tack on the UP to family visits). I don't know of any place in this country that's more beautiful than the Great Lakes. If I could tolerate snow and cold better, I'd move up there without a thought!

  14. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it..

  15. I know I'm late giving answers but the most interesting museums I've visited was in Edinburgh Scotland. I visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and the displays were varied and so interesting. I could have spent much more time in there, I also love The Burrell Collections Museum in Glasgow.

    The most historical place I visited was also in Scotland and I would have to say the Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh, a stone chapel of the 15th century so full of amazing assorted carved columns, each one done by a master stone carver. A must see if ever in Scotland. I also went up the Sr William Wallace monument, that towers up in the sky in Stirling Scotland, Sr Wallace was a patriot who fought the battle for the Stirling Bridge. You can see all of Stirling when up the tower.

    Billy the Exterminator looks like the same guy I saw on TV. Quite the crazy brave guy. I saw him catching live rats with his hands...

    Wow, that some monster fish, is that a type of full grown piranha fish?
    That poor kitty, I hope his chute opens.

    I was surprised that the water level had dropped over night.

    Hugs, Julia

  16. We always look forward to your amazing answers. Dang that monster fish is scary!

  17. guyz....we wood loves ta live bye de lakez like ewe due, that haz ta bee awesum !!! total lee....we due knot haz tee vee hooked up sew we dunno bout thiz show...but WHOA
    with font like a bazillion timez larger; now THATZ A FISH !!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  18. Rescuing plants, huh? SWEET. I sure do with my peep would rescue some nip plants for me. purrs

    No, Peepers. Not 'from' me. FOR me. MOUSES!

  19. We went to the museum on the Thunder Bay side and that song is one of my favourites - such an important piece of our history.
    You and Bill are the best team!! Glad that his commute will be shortened and that means more time for the two of you! Would love to see those rose of Sharon!!!

  20. The most interesting museum exhibit I've ever seen is of Abraham Lincoln.
    I enjoyed Jeremy Wade's show. I was always impressed with how he interacted with the local the local cultures and educated viewers about wildlife. I remember one episode where he didn't want to kill a fish he had caught, but realized it would have been disrespectful to the very poor villagers who needed the fish for food.

  21. Whoa, that certainly is a big old whatever it is in the picture. I can only imagine trying to convince someone of that in the fish that got away stories.

  22. Speaking of Rose of Sharon, I made a big mistake when we first moved here. You know how you're supposed to observe a yard for a year before you do anything? Well, I didn't. I set about to clear out things in the back yard so that we could actually use the yard. I didn't realize that what I was cutting down was Rose of Sharon. It took me awhile to do this work and the very last one started blooming just as I got to it. Of course, I didn't cut it down, but it never bloomed again either, I guess out of rebellion for me cutting down its friends. I never would have removed them had I known what I was removing. I think they are beautiful. One of our neighbors has one at the corner of their house, a constant reminder to me to not be so fast to do something in the yard from now on. Who knows what other secrets this yard has?

    Have a blessed weekend. :)

  23. Excellent Fill-Ins. When Mom was baptized, the priest said Sharon wasn't a Catholic she was given a middle name. Later on she found out that the Blessed Mother is often called the Rose of Sharon!! Mom has a painting that her Dad did for her of a Rose of Sharon.

    The Florida Furkids

  24. I always liked the song, "The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald", but it was such a tragedy. ...I like that show, "Billy the Exterminator". I hadn't seen it in awhile, so yay it is back! ... Here's my entry for this time ... enjoy!