Saturday, April 8, 2017

Green River

Well, take me back down where cool water flow, yeah
Let me remember things I love
Stoppin' at the log where catfish bite,
Walkin' along the river road at night,
Barefoot girls dancin' in the moonlight

I can hear the bullfrog callin' me
Wonder if my rope's still hangin' to the tree
Love to kick my feet way down the shallow water,
Shoe fly, dragon fly, get back to your mother
Pick up a flat rock, skip it across Green River

Up at Cody's camp, I spent my days, oh,
With flat car riders and cross-tie walkers
Old Cody, Junior took me over,
Said, you're gonna find the world is smoulderin'
An' if you get lost come on home to Green River
Well, come home.

~John Fogerty

A special part of my childhood were the years I spent growing up in southeast Texas. My Uncle Eddie was responsible for the great things that I learned and experienced then. He taught me how to ride a dirt bike, fish with live saltwater bait, the fine art of carpentry, that work can be a lot of fun, and so many other important, useful things. Uncle Eddie also introduced me to Creedence Clearwater Revival. CCR is an important part of my life's soundtrack. When the world gets too harsh, I can always go back to Green River (and Uncle Eddie)...if only in spirit.

My Lifeblood Songs: G


  1. Excellent choice! My hubby introduced me to Credence, we have seen John Fogerty in concert a few times too. Your Uncle sounds like a wonderful person. XO

  2. That was good! My Dad has a bunch of CCR on his iPod thingy!

  3. Your Uncle Eddie sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing this homage to him.

  4. While i've not heard the song, i understand. We used to spend time at the river down at the camp. It's been too long.

  5. Ahh, CCR. Takes me back. Learned to dance about then, attended my first "boy/girl" party and was just beginning to experience the tough life lessons of being a teen in the 70's!

  6. Love this song, Annie. It always makes me happy when I hear it...makes me want to get up and dance (which I can't do anymore). Saw CCR the summer of '69 at an outdoor music festival. Could have reached out and touched them. Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers, Janet

  7. Great to hear this again, it's been a long while. Everybody should have an Uncle Eddie.

  8. CCR... saw them in concert at the Muny in St. Louis. Awesome. Bad Moon Rising will forever be a big tune in my memories. Green River... pure CCR! I got a little befuddled here and thought that CCR did Reminiscing... another "our song" from Little River Band. Annie, this challenge is awesome. Such wonderful memories for you with Uncle Eddie!

  9. Oh yeah, I remember that group and love their music. It takes me back to a time when I was less busy and and a lot younger.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. I love Creedence, grew up singing to their songs, still love Creedence. Thanks for reminding me.

  11. Uncle Eddie sounds like such a great man. I love how this song and others by CCR remind you of him. :)

  12. This song reminds me so much of summer days on the farm. My cousins and I walking to the creek. CCR was a big part of those days. The radio was always on in the barn and you could bet a song by CCR would play at some point - and quite often.