Monday, May 1, 2017

Quiet Cat Fun

We have a great new toy to share:
We put in our own toys and treats, then waited 
to see who would figure it all out...

Grizelda likes puzzles, so was more intrigued than George.

Grizelda managed to check out every toy and angle!

Nothing gets past Chloe Jo, but she let Grizelda keep it.

Maggie also had to check it out, much to Grizelda's dismay.

But, Maggie was content to just watch Grizelda have fun.

Afterward, Maggie ultimately decided it was a good spot for a nap.

Grizelda is the one who most enjoyed this puzzle/maze.
She is extremely smart and a very deep thinker.
She likes to reason and quietly figure things out on her own.
I especially recommend this for cats like Grizelda,
who like to play peacefully by themselves.


  1. That looks like fun! My Brother Simon would try to eat the box!

    1. We thought George would love it, but he likes more action! Grizelda loved the quiet thinking it took.

  2. Oh my gosh how fun! I might have to try that with our critters!

  3. This is so's interesting the way cats are so different.

  4. That does look like a great toy. I know that some of these critters would enjoy that. Good review all you kitties.

  5. Nicki would have no patience and then would chew up the box. Derry, alas, well, he's just a pretty-boy, not a deep thinker. :-P

    We're glad your girls, Grizelda in particular, enjoyed it!

  6. We're not sure we wanna work so hard for our treats and toys. ;)

  7. I am glad Maggie decided to check it out and use it to nap on. XO

  8. Grizella will probably teach the others how to figure out the puzzle. Smart kitty.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Amazing how such a toy can bring out our animals' personalities and differences.

  10. Even though Griselda seemed to enjoy it the most, it is nice that eery kitty took part to some degree. Both Maggie and Chloe Jo look good i their photos. How are they doing? I continue to pray for both of them and you, my friend. Love, Janet

  11. Nice! Thank you for sharing the experiences. Very cute.

  12. Wonderful that these kitties landed with you. A life full of love, respect, and fun for them. The way it should be for all cats.