Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fill-in Statements: Week 53

Welcome to Friendly Fill-Ins! Every Thursday, Ellen of 15andmeowing and I provide the fill-in statements to give you time to contemplate them and fill them in. On Fridays, we post our completed fill-ins with a place for you to link-up your answers to. That is where it really gets fun. Learning about each other and making friends is what it is all about. Thank you for being a part of Friendly Fill-Ins. 

Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 53: May 12, 2017

1. My favorite cereal is _________________.

2. My prom ____________________.

3. The                         thing about                     is                           .

4. I cannot help                            , but                                       .


  1. Heeheehee! Cats will try to fit into just about any space long after they've outgrown it, won't they?

    Nice fill-ins as usual, i will be thinking about them as i work today.

  2. I always enjoy reading the fill-ins. I could imagine one of my cats getting stuck like that!

  3. thiz cheez burgerz hil larry uz !! N we willna bee online thiz week oh end sew we wood like ta say 4 ree mindz uz oh Elvis' song....cant help falling in ♥♥♥♥ with ewe.....
    dunno why but thatz de furst thing that popped inta R heads =^..^=

  4. Annie, great laugh with that kitty in the cereal box. I am going to need to think long and hard on your contributions this week. Love to you, Bill and the kitties and doggies, Janet

  5. Oh I'm glad that cereal killer has been found. haha
    Hugs, Julia

  6. have a cute cereal killer!

  7. That's a determined, or silly, kitty going into the box upside down.

  8. What great fill-ins and photos! Love the memes/GIF, but especially Georges' John Cleese walk... what a hoot!