Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Her Victory

She had spent all of her life trying to keep the peace for others. Now aged and battle worn, she knew she must address her own private war. The past unceasingly haunted her with its unresolved memories.

With winds of her own changes, she erased figurative lines in the sand. Walking away with her head held high, she finally won her own self-respect.

Written by McGuffy Ann Morris

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  1. Wow. How true. Those of us who fight everyone else's battles end up with the most scars and internal unrest - for not listening to our own heart and needs.

  2. You have truly written the perfect words, all from a place that many of (at some point in their life) can surely relate too. Excellent depth.

  3. It's so easy to get caught up this way, and become battle worn.

  4. Keeping the peace is hard and we do often neglect our own battles for those of others. Perfect image for the story...women are warriors of the highest caliber. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words. Great story!

  5. Annie,

    I can relate to her keeping the peace. That's what I try to do with others but some people don't seem to want it as much as I do. I think it's the hold Satan has on many hearts allowing others to cling to pride and selfishness. Sometimes you gotta turn loose and tend to oneself. Nicely written, my friend!

  6. To find one's own personal peace and self-respect can be a hard-fought battle, as you know. I sense a bit of autobiography here from things you have shared with me. As always, beautifully written. Sending my love and prayers, Janet 💜💐