Friday, June 30, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 60

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the linky for sharing. The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, even more people can share!

The weather is unstable right now, stormy and a mixture of everything. Well, not snow, but hail! I don’t mind, as I really do like all of the weather to be what it is supposed to be like. Then, I can act accordingly. I hope you are all enjoying Summer in your own happy way.

I hope you had fun with the fill-ins. I think that I did! Here they are:

1. My next book will be assorted writing: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction. I have no idea if or when that will happen, but, that is my thinking. I try to continue to grow as a person and as a writer. Thank you to those who take the time to read, comment, support, and encourage me with my poems and stories. Your thoughts are priceless to me. HUGS.

2. Fireworks are dangerous for all living things. Please, please, take precautions. Before sunset, confine your pets to a secure, safe, comfortable area. (You might want to confine those who are doing the fireworks. Just sayin’.) For those confined, you could put on music or the TV to help muffle the scary sounds. Always, check on pets periodically. Please have a safe celebration for everyone.

3. This week, I am thankful that Kenzie has a chipmunk friend. Twig lives in the woodpile out back. Kenzie loves him. I am thankful that he seems to like her, too. I wonder if Twig is related to the one she saved last year. That one was quite big and got stuck in the rain gutter downspout. Kenzie came and got me, frantic that something was very wrong! I ran to see what she was upset about and heard him scrambling in the pipe. We saved him! Stella coexists quietly with the backyard critters. Two years ago, she had a skunk friend; but, that is another story.

4. Freedom is something that should never be taken for granted. No one has the right to do what they want, so I do believe that freedom is a privilege. I also think that many take it for granted. Americans need to remember that a price was paid for what they call freedom. It was not handed to us without responsibility. We are supposed to protect our country and each other, to preserve the freedoms that were hard-won for us: Americans.

~Happy Independence Day!~

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Thursday, June 29, 2017


With much planning, I was finally spending my vacation in Roswell, New Mexico. I had been fascinated with Roswell and its connection to UFOs for as long as I could remember.

I took guided tours to really get to know the area. I wanted to take in the sights and history of Roswell, in all its glory. I watched others and I listened to their colourful stories. I wanted to hear what others may have experienced and felt. I wanted to know what drew them here.

It was exciting to think of the possibility that extraterrestrials could be here in our midst. However, I was amused to see the statues of “alien life forms”. I wondered how this small statured, big-eyed, green creature idea got started. 

I chuckled, thinking if they only knew that most extraterrestrials looked and acted just like them. I ought to know: I am one.

Story by McGuffy Ann Morris
My Word Count=150
Image: @any1mark66

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Flash Fiction Photo Challenge
100-150 Words

Fill-in Statements: Week 60

It is Thursday, and time to provide the fill-in statements for our weekly sharing. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two fill-in statements. I offer the last two fill-ins. Please come back on Friday and link up your responses with ours. Learning about each other and making friends is what this is all about!

Week 60: June 30, 2017
1. My next _______________ will be ___________________.

2. Fireworks ___________________.

3. This week, I am thankful                                         

4. Freedom                               .

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


There is a Summer
            that sustains life forever
deep within the soul

Image & Poem by McGuffy Ann Morris
Haiku #336

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Five lines or less
inspired by the word prompt

Monday, June 26, 2017

Please Please the Bees

Written and Illustrated by Gerald Kelley

Benedict is living a very sweet life. Of course, he is a bear, so his needs are pretty straightforward. The best part of his day is when the bees deliver honey to his door each morning. Gerald loves honey!  

Honey is a big part of Gerald’s day. He uses it on his toast, he uses it to sweeten his baking. Gerald puts it in his bedtime tea. That is, until the day when there is no honey.

Suddenly, the bees in the yard all go on strike! Benedict tries to go on without honey, but his life is not the same. Without honey, life is not as sweet. He becomes very sad. That is when a bee comes to Benedict for a heart-to-heart talk.

It seemed the bees in Benedict’s yard feel they are taken for granted. They have done their part to take care of Benedict, but they realized he was doing nothing in return for them. They could not go on the way things were.

From the bees, Benedict learns what he needs to do to help the bees stay healthy and happy. He learns that bees need certain conditions to make the honey that he loves. Benedict also learns what he can do to help the bees.

So, Benedict goes to work to make his yard a healthy, happy place for the bees. He educates himself on the best flowers for bees. He gets the seeds and plants them, waters them. He even keeps the garden weeded. Benedict also learns about honey and how to harvest it.

When the bees see the hard work, Benedict has done to repay them, they are happy, again. The strike is over! The bees immediately go back to work. Life is sweet for everyone, now.

This is a sweet book! The message is simple and clear. From the great bear to the tiny honeybee to the flowers, we all share this world. If we take care of nature, it will take care of us. I highly recommend this positive book to teach this simple truth to kids. Share it with the children in your life. Everyone will benefit from that, too. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gulls Just Wanna' Have Fun

Bill stops at several truck stops.
Many are along the shores of the Great Lakes.

He has a lot of new friends at this particular stop.

He shares his lunch with them.
They actually expect it, too!

There is always one who is a bit more bold.

The Ringleader...or Mob Boss, but
you can see the others moving in, too.

The Boss got up close and personal,
but, just until the food was gone.

See you next time!
And, bring more food!

*All photos by Bill Morris

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 59

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the linky for sharing. The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, even more people can share! Please share.

The heat is cranking up quickly, now. Many areas are getting very hot conditions. Please remember to keep your critters cool, as you do your other loved ones. Check their water supplies often, to keep their water bowls clean and filled. Watch for other animals that may be in need of help, too. This includes neighborhood pets, critters in vehicles, and even wild animals that may need assistance.

Last week’s challenges were great! Thank you all. I did take the challenges and followed them as best I could. I smiled, assisted, encouraged, prayed, and truly thought about my every action. I journaled about much of it, too. Some things may be as inspiration for stories. Thank you all for your challenges. I hope we do this periodically. I thoroughly enjoyed this "challenge project". Thanks, Ellen!

As always, be kind, enjoy your loved ones, and take care of You.

Here are my completed fill-ins:

1. A recurring dream I have is about animals who have crossed over. I will occasionally have a dream about one who is gone, though it varies who and when. However, it usually happens around their birthday. That is the closest I have to a recurring dream. However, I do dream often and vividly.

2. Turn negatives into positives. One thing I have learned is that it can always be worse, so appreciate what you have! To complain about things is putting bad energy out there. That only brings everyone down, including yourself.  Maintain a thankful spirit and spread joy.

3. This cough is driving me crazy! I am still struggling to get this cough under control. Thankfully, I have found new doctors and finally, have some hope. I think that they will help me resolve this. I believe.

4. Lately, I have been reading a lot. Okay, I always read a lot, but I seem to have more books that I am excited about lately. It has been too hot to do much during the heat of the day, so I read. I try to get chores and things done in the mornings before the heat settles in. Then, I can reward myself with reading.

~Remember to keep your cool!~

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cool Tips for Summer

Here are some easy tips to help the furkids 
stay cool and safe while still having fun!
Happy Summer to Everyone!

Fill-in Statements: Week 58

Every Thursday, Ellen of 15andmeowing and I provide the fill-in statements. Please come back on Friday, when we post our answers with a link-up. Making friends and learning about each other is what makes this so great!

Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 59: June 23, 2017

1. A recurring dream I have is ________________.

2. Turn ______________ into ____________.

3.                              is driving me crazy!

4. Lately, I have been                        . 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I wait patiently for the Poppies to grow tall each year.

When finally they shed their furry cover,

they reveal the elegance inside.

I am dazzled by their beauty.

There is happiness in these blooms.

Spreading joy!

A peaceful "Happy Place"!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Bear reaches above
            for reward of liquid gold
victory is sweet

Poem by McGuffy Ann Morris
Haiku #335

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Five lines or less
inspired by the word prompt

Sunday, June 18, 2017

For Dad

This is for the men, 
the fathers, the rocks 
on which the family is built, 
on which we are built.
This is for the ones who know 
the difference 
between being a father 
and a being a dad, 
because they care. 
This is for the dads 
who are there, 
even when it is difficult, 
not only offering
shelter from the storm,
but becoming the shelter...
fathers are forever, 
and there is no one 
like Dad.

Poem and Photo by McGuffy Ann Morris

Happy Father's Day to our special Dad, Bill, who is all of this, and so much more. He saved us, spoils us, makes us a priority, and loves us, no matter what! 
Love Always, Stella & Kenzie, Maggie P., Grizelda, Chloe Jo, and George

*And, this is for our Dads, in memory, because they will always be a part of us. With love. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017


It had started here, at the medical complex. People came here from all over the world to be healed. As a child, Paul had been one of them. That was how he knew what he was meant to do in life.

He worked hard to become a doctor. Graduating with honours, he taught by example. When that was not enough, he went to places that had no doctors. Paul traveled to the most destitute, deprived regions. He gave, wanting only to make a difference. It mattered. They mattered.

Now, Paul was back where it all had begun. As he opened the heavy wooden door, these words flashed through his mind, “Physician, heal thyself.” His life had come full circle and was now almost complete. Upon the event of his death, his body would be given to medical science. He would keep paying it forward, because he knew it mattered.

Story by McGuffy Ann Morris
My Word Count= 150 words
Image: majesticgoldenrose

Flash Fiction Photo Prompt,
100-150 words 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 58

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! You can always find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday.  The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but we hope you will post it and link up with everyone!

I hope you read Bill’s final A-Z Reflection post. It was fun having him as a guest. Thank you for being a part of Bill’s music series. I hope he will guest post in the future. There is a lot more to him than just trucking, though that is a lot!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads! You guys rock. May you enjoy a relaxing day of things you love. To everyone else, love your dad if you have one handy. Cherish your warm memories. Make sure he knows it, too. There is no one like Dad.

We created some interesting fill-ins this week. I look forward to reading yours! Here's mine:

1. I challenge everyone to do an anonymous act of kindness this week. Do something from the goodness of your heart, for no reason and for no credit. Do it silently; tell no one. You will make someone feel good, and you will, too! Just try it!

2. I regret disposing of old journals filled with writing that I felt was fair to poor and mostly irrelevant. I can never get those years of thoughts and memories back. I learned a valuable lesson: never throw out writing, unless you are through editing and have a final copy.

3. I have a difficult time admitting when I am hurting (in any way). It just always seems better to say that I am fine. I would rather be part of a solution than be a problem. So, I much prefer doing for others.

4. If I were given a psychic power, I would like it to be certainty of my inner intuition. I would like to not doubt my sense of intuition. Age has taught me to trust it; I wish I had when I was younger. More often than not, this sense is absolutely correct about people and situations. This seems to come from a particular lineage within my ancestors; only a few select people have had it. Maybe it is a curse! 


~💗Do what George does: take your Dad fishin'🐟~

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