Monday, June 12, 2017

Bill’s Kaleidoscope of Sound: Reflections

Well, that was fun! This post came about as a response to Annie’s A-Z song list. After trying to “help” her, to no avail, she challenged me to come up with my own list. I soon found out how difficult it really was being judge, jury, and executioner of so many songs and artists! Every day I worked on it, the list changed depending on my mood.

Even after I began posting, I had my doubts. The kaleidoscope evolved as I went along. My goal was not to necessarily pick the best song for that letter, but rather to showcase a particular artist.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include great female singer-songwriters such as Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, and Melissa Etheridge. They are as good as any of the artists that I have included in this Kaleidoscope of Sound. Therein lies the problem that I had. If I make a second kaleidoscope in the future, these talents will surely be there.

In this day and age of Rap, Hip Hop, Euro-techno, and other repetitious genres of pop music, I wanted to go back to the roots. To be honest, as a musician, I cannot relate to these forms of music. I constructed this list to share music that I grew up appreciating. Not all songs are timeless; I tried to choose ones that are. I hope that some of these songs evoked good memories. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a few of these songs were new to some of you. 

My taste in music is eclectic; however, I am discerning. I intentionally left out some of my favourite artists that as of late have become overbearing on their political viewpoints. There is an appropriate way for making political statements. John Prine remains a good example of that. He gets the message across without preaching or judgment. I respect that. There are other more well-known artists that seem to have found it necessary to use the stage as their podium. They tell others how to live their life, instead of putting their message in a song.

My goal was to find songs with universal appeal, and by your comments, I think I achieved that. I am happy that I do not stand alone on my musical choices. I appreciate the positive responses and thoughts.

I have included a bonus in this post that did not quite fit into the rest of the Kaleidoscope. This is a classical piece by Chopin, the famous Polish composer. The first track is the true piano interpretation. The second track is by the obscure duo Los Indios Tabajaras.

This pair of musicians were brothers from the Tabajara tribe of Brazil. They were showcased on the Ed Sullivan Show and Johnny Carson’s show among others. Legend has it that they found a guitar in the jungle, and just learned how to play it on their own. Chet Atkins found this statement to be very amusing because it is highly unlikely that anyone with this level of technical expertise could be self-taught. See what you think.

Thank you for indulging me with these posts. This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed both the sharing and the dialog.

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Chopin - Waltz Op. 64 No. 2

The Kaleidoscope of Sound:


  1. Thanks for the bonus. I know that you worked very hard choosing the songs for the Kaleidoscope of s Sounds and I'm impressed at your musical knowledge, not only of the different genre of music but also of the artists themselves. You got an A+. I love classic music too. I detest heavy metal and barely can tolerate rap music but I guess it has it's place.

    I still don't know why some songs stick in our head all day while others doesn't.

    Stay cool and don't work too hard in the heat.
    Smiles & hugs,

  2. Ooh. Somewhere, not long ago, I ran across a clip of the amazing Los Indios Tabajaras. Thanks for sharing. I could not agree with you more about keeping politics in the music instead of spouting them like some wannabe politician. We have enough political pundits on cable TV (which I would cancel if up to me). Be well!

  3. Definitely some classics on this list. There are a few I'm not familiar with so will have to check them out!

  4. You did a real good job with this, Bill. It's hard with something like this to decide what to include. The only other way you could have done it was to feature more than one song a day, and after a while that gets really long.

  5. We really enjoyed your songs and loved the variety too! Get ready for the next challenge!

  6. guyz...pleez ta tell yur dad we N joyed hiz postz; we lurned sum stufzf a bout de guitar; N while we haz never troo lee listened ta much country mewsic; we N joyed de artiztz him picked out;

    thanx for sharin....

    we noe de "challengez" R knot eazee...spesh a lee postin each day !!

    ☺☺☺ 984 paws up Bill !! ♥♥♥

  7. Bill, I enjoyed taking this journey with you; though, I missed some posts along the way. And, yes, there were several songs and artists I'd never heard of before your post. I think a lot of the music we heard growing up had to do with the part of our country in which we were raised...California for me. Loved seeing Rod Stewart and the Faces on your list. I have always loved Stewart's raw, gravely voice. Saw him in concert three times. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Annie's friend, Janet

  8. Maybe you need to have a regular monthly guest spot so you can get to those other artists. For some reason, the videos aren't coming through for me, so i'm going to go look them up.

  9. I have been missing your posts ( and Annie's too). I looked forward to them each day. I do not like the music of today and I refer to listen to Frank Sinatra and classic rock.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed all of your contributions here Bill. I loved when I discovered that you are a guitarist, never mind an extremely accomplished one! So enjoyed your choices too, as many would have been mine had I been in the same circumstance! To you and Annie both, thank you for an enjoyable change of pace. The furkids probably enjoyed a break from the flashy box. xx

  11. That was awesome, Bill. Thank you for sharing your kaleidoscope with all of us. I loved that some of the songs you chose were ones I, too, liked. And that others were brand new to me. :)