Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gulls Just Wanna' Have Fun

Bill stops at several truck stops.
Many are along the shores of the Great Lakes.

He has a lot of new friends at this particular stop.

He shares his lunch with them.
They actually expect it, too!

There is always one who is a bit more bold.

The Ringleader...or Mob Boss, but
you can see the others moving in, too.

The Boss got up close and personal,
but, just until the food was gone.

See you next time!
And, bring more food!

*All photos by Bill Morris


  1. Good morning, goodness you (and Bill) sure made my day with this. I love seeing gulls and of course you know that catchy title now has that lovely song playing through my head now! Cuz we girls do love having fun!

  2. That was sure a fun series of photos!

  3. Ha ha. Gulls just want to have food, too. :)

  4. The gulls just want an easy meal! They can be entertaining, when they're not being pests - just like the jays in our back yard.

  5. Reminds me of growing up an hour or so south of Lake Erie. We were far enough away we should never have seen gulls but they showed up in parking lots all the time. We called them 'dump' gulls since that's what seemed to attract them. Funny memory. Also makes me long for my autumn trip to the sea! Be well. Great photos, Bill!

  6. Love the play on words for the song title. :-)

    Lots of gulls around here, of course, and they can be VERY demanding -- and raucous!

  7. Gulls will get bossy and demand to be fed -- rather like cats, i guess.

  8. They are on to something good and they know it. I bet there are not too many Bills out there feeding them their lunch like that. God love him.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend you tow.
    Smiles & hugs, Julia

  9. That is nice of Bill to share his lunch with them :) XO

  10. Annie, this is too funny. I cannot believe how bold these birds are. I guess a free lunch is worth it. Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers, Janet

  11. uh........hold de dam fone ~~~~~~~~~


  12. That's so sweet! It always upsets me when there's a sign outside restaurants asking patrons to not feed the birds. They need to eat too!