Sunday, July 23, 2017

Life Lessons from My Dogs: Velvet


As a young child, I was not allowed to have a dog. Growing up in Chicago apartments, it seemed landlords just did not allow them. However, as far back as I can remember, I wanted a dog.

When I was eight years old, I entered a contest with Cap’n Crunch cereal.  The entry involved naming Cap’n Crunch’s dog. The grand prize would be a puppy. The winner could even choose the dog breed. Here was my chance! In my little girl’s mind, I reasoned that if I won the contest I would have to be allowed to keep the puppy. After all, I won; it was only fair. Well, needless to say, I didn’t win.

            We did have other pets, though. From the very beginning, there were pet turtles. My favourite was a Red-Eared Slider. She had been injured when she was accidentally caught on a fishing line. She was blinded in one eye, but I loved her dearly. I named her Snoopy; that is how badly I wanted a dog.

We had a variety of rodents, too. Not counting the ones who were native to the apartments, there were also hamsters and gerbils. We even had a guinea pig. However, their warm soft fur is no substitute for a dog’s. It is not the same.

            Right after my tenth birthday, we moved to Ohio. We lived in a Duplex apartment, where I was able to “sort of” adopt a stray Siamese cat. I fed him and sneaked him inside when no one was looking. It didn’t last long, though. Suddenly, we were moving to Texas. I was dead set against the idea of moving yet again. I was happy in Ohio, out of the big city…and, now I had a cat…sort of.

I voiced my concerns and dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms. In response, I was told that in Texas we would be living in the country. I was promised that I would be able to finally have a dog. Shortly after we settled into our Texas home, I was taken to the Houston Humane Society and told that I could choose any dog that I wanted.

I took this offer very seriously. I went through the entire facility. The center of the building was a huge open area. It was the activity hub. Hallways went off at angles like spokes on a wheel. Each hallway was for specific breeds or needs of dogs. Along the walls of the big, open area were cages of mixed-breed puppies. At the very center of the room was a giant, walk-in cage, similar to one at a zoo. It was the exercise area for puppies. The barking and whining was almost deafening. I was amazed and thrilled.

It was there that I saw her: my dog! Sitting in a very large, empty dish was the puppy for me. She was silently looking at me. When I approached, she wagged her tail. She was solid black and very shiny, with short, soft wavy fur. I was told that she was a cocker spaniel-beagle mix. I immediately chose her and named her Velvet. I had no doubt that she was the one. She was perfect.

Velvet playing frisbee

At the time, we lived out in the country, southeast of Houston. I taught Velvet to walk on a leash, but also to be able to go without one. She followed me everywhere and did everything with me. She loved to play Frisbee, though she had her own style. She would usually wait for the Frisbee to land, and then pick it up upside down. In her very nonchalant way, she would carry it back to me.

Velvet had no faults. She never was naughty, in any way. She was sweet. She was gentle. She was wise beyond her years. Trust was mutual. We were both old souls, and inseparable from the start. I had a very difficult and painful childhood. Velvet knew all of my secrets. She went through all of it with me, suffering right alongside me. She tried her best to keep me safe. She was always there to comfort me, and she also gave me hope and purpose.

When Velvet was two-and-a-half years old she had an unplanned litter of puppies. The father, a neighbor’s rat terrier, got into our yard. The pregnancy and delivery were hard on her. This was when Velvet’s face turned grey, almost overnight. I stayed with her for the labour and delivery. I named each puppy and helped her raise them.

We had many pets and various assorted rescued critters. Velvet was loved by and patient with all of them. But, one was a constant source of frustration for both of us. John Henry, our pet squirrel monkey, was incorrigible. He would ride on the backs of the puppies like a circus act. The puppies thought he was a lot of fun. Velvet and I thought he was naughty.

As the puppies got bigger, one failed to thrive. Missy, who looked just like a beagle, was fading away, no matter what we did. Velvet sensed this and fretted over her. She would not give up on her littlest puppy, and was with Missy as she took her last breath. As we buried Missy, Velvet was there, too. She stayed at the grave for hours. Her love was obvious. It broke my heart to see her grieve.

When the other puppies were old enough, I put an ad in the paper to sell them. I figured if people paid for them, they would be more inclined to want to take good care of them. Even at twelve, I cared about forever homes. I wanted someone to love the puppies as much as Velvet and I did.

The puppies inspired me to teach Velvet more things, too. I taught her to sit up and to shake hands. When I fed her, I would ask where her manners were. She would sit down and shake hands. She was very smart and eager to please. Our bond of trust and love strengthened.

We moved back to Illinois when I was 14. I was able to bring Velvet and some other pets came with us. But, through my teens, Velvet was the one who was always there to share everything with me. She knew my struggles and she gave me a constant purpose.

Velvet and I left home when I was 18, after my high school graduation. We did some traveling by car and plane together. Wherever we went, Velvet was welcomed and loved by everyone she met. Her manners and behavior were exceptional. She fit into whatever experience she encountered. But, we were a pair. One of our favorite things was to go to the Lake Michigan lakefront to watch the sunrise. We often went to a remote beach to enjoy this peaceful time. As we would sit on the bluff overlooking the lake, I would make a crown of wildflowers for her to wear. We were free-spirits and liked it that way. We were finding our path in life.

Velvet the Flower Child

As she aged, it became my turn to be there for her more and more. She developed bladder stones and liver problems. That was the first of several surgeries. We were forced to make some changes for the good of her health. She needed medication and special food, now. I got her sweaters to wear when the weather turned cold. I would do anything for her.

At 21, I became engaged. I said, “Love me, love my dog.” And, he did. Bill became Velvet’s “Dad”. He actually told her that immediately following our wedding. Soon after, the three of us took off on a road trip. We traveled out west in an old Ford van. Velvet went fishing in Minnesota, and exploring in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota. She ran around the lava-beds of Moon Crater National Park, in Idaho, and walked in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She enjoyed every place in between, too. She loved it!

After several months, we eventually settled back in northeastern Illinois. We rented a cottage on a small lake where we could fish regularly. I found Bill and Velvet outside one day, digging. I had never seen Velvet dig! When I asked him what she was doing, he said, “She’s helping me dig for worms.” She was 13. It was a satisfying thing to her dig a hole. One hot day that summer, she dug a nice hole and then laid down in it. It proves that you really can teach an old dog a new trick. You never stop learning, as long as you want to. After a lifetime of being guarded, Velvet was relaxing into old age.

That same summer, we asked Velvet to help us raise a puppy. We knew that she was getting tired, but we hoped a puppy would help keep her going. I also hoped she would teach a pup how to behave. For our first anniversary, we added Grits, a yellow lab puppy, to our family. He truly saw her as a mother-figure. He tried her patience that first year, too.  When she got enough of him, she would let him know it.

Velvet and her baby brother, Grits

One time we left them alone for a short time, just to see how Grits would behave. We came home to a house in chaos. He had scattered record albums everywhere. The trash was knocked over and tossed around. Grits was nowhere to be seen, though…or so he thought. He was hiding in his favorite place, behind the sheer window curtains, watching our reactions. Velvet was in her bed under my desk, trembling as if she had barely survived the apocalypse. She was not impressed with his behavior.

As calm and well-behaved as Velvet was, Grits was wild and energetic. She was small and dark; he was big and light. They were like night and day. There was a real bond there, though. She never chose to be the alpha-dog, but she took the job of raising this wayward puppy seriously. And, he loved her for it.

Velvet’s health continued to deteriorate as she aged. At 14, she developed a tumor on her knee. Her veterinarian removed it, but told us that it would most likely grow back. At her 15th birthday, we were told she had inoperable cancer.

By now, her heart had grown very weak. Her kidneys were also failing. She never lost her spark or her joy in living, though. We were the sad ones. We were forced to make final plans for her as she approached 15 ½ years of age.

Tried and True, Velvet

She had always been there for me. She gave me companionship when I had no one. She was my friend when I couldn’t even be a friend to myself. I knew she loved me even when I questioned that anyone did. She endured numerous moves with me several times throughout my childhood. When I became an adult, we traveled in tandem. I wanted her to have a final place to rest, one where she would never have to move again. I wanted her to be safe. I strongly felt that I owed her that.

We found the perfect place. Velvet was buried in a pet cemetery, under a big shade tree at the edge of the woods. In her casket, we placed her bed, her sweaters, and her bowls. She was tucked into her bed with her special blanket. Along with her name and dates, her grave-marker says “Love surpasses death”. I am sure of this. Even now, decades later, I love Velvet just the same as I did so long ago. She will always be a part of me; I know this to be true. I see her in every animal that I bond with. I remember what she taught me and why it is so important.

 Velvet taught me unconditional love. She also taught me inner strength. She taught me how to be strong and take what life gives, but without giving up myself. Velvet taught me dignity in the face of despair, and grace in spite of fear. She taught me to always have hope and to never stop learning.

Velvet helped me through my childhood and she eased me into adulthood. I helped her through aging, and eased her into a heavenly afterlife. I am sure that dogs go to heaven. Velvet was an angel on earth, and heaven is where she belongs.

The dog who started it Velvet

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Summer Haiku

Summer keeps secrets
            of whispers on warm breezes 
…Winter cannot know.

Poem & Image by McGuffy Ann Morris
Haiku #337

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 63

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the linky for sharing. The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, even more people can share!

We are fast approaching the “Dog Days” of Summer. Sorry, Cat Friends. Ask Chloe Jo and her Dog, Stella. It is true. I hope you are staying cool and comfortable, whether you have fur or not. Personally, I look forward to Autumn.

The Summer heat here has been miserable. It has also spawned heavy rain storms. We have had historic flooding. Living on a Chain-of -Lakes, flooding is a very real problem for many. One day last week, we got 8” of rain. It came fast and hard, in a matter of hours. The rivers, channels, and lakes are still high. We are expecting more rain, too.

Maggie is holding her own. She is still her sweet, loving self. Chloe Jo is beginning to feel more relaxed. Thank you for your prayers. I believe in the powers within. Thank you for your friendship, too. There are powers in that, too. It helps to know that others care. None of us are perfect, so acceptance and friendship are priceless gifts. Thank you. Please know that I care, too.

I have been writing a lot. I plan to share my dog stories here very soon. After that, I plan to share my cat stories. I have learned so much from each one. I believe that is worth sharing. I hope you will enjoy them, too. 

We have a busy weekend of errands and chores planned. Please know that I will be by to visit as soon as I have computer time. I hope you enjoy a blessed weekend of whatever makes you happy. Hugs.

Okay, here are my completed fill-ins:

1. My favourite thing on my daily to-do list is talking to Bill. We always talk first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, as well as in-between. He is on the road 5-6 days a week, every week. His job as a trucker exposes him to many dangerous situations. He drives 53’ trailers, Conestogas, and flatbeds filled with steel. This adds another level of worry to a trucker's already dangerous job. Knowing that he is safe and well is critical. Once I know he is okay, I can go on with my day.

 2. My least favourite thing on my daily to-do list is making phone calls. It is worse when it is any kind of business. Too often, I have to speak to several people, be put on hold, and then have to explain all over to the next person…only to end up disconnected and forced to start over. *Good grief.*

3. I could really do without hot and humid weather. Really; I could live without it entirely. I just don't breathe well in this kind of weather. But, this too, shall pass. I don't give up easily. *wink* Humour sustains me.

4. I would love to have more free time for Bill. He needs more time to have fun, do things at a relaxed pace, and sometimes, just do what he would like to do. It seems he rarely gets to do things like that. Hopefully, that will improve in the near future.

~Stay safe in this Summer heat!~

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dog Stories


I have been wanting to share my dog stories for quite some time. These were originally published several years ago in a physical literary magazine. We published them as a series titled, "Life Lessons From My Dogs". I was pleased to be able to share my dogs and what I learned from each one.

I have been rewriting these stories, editing and clarifying what I needed to share. I think I am ready to share them here. I will share them in order of when they entered my life. I will try to share their story and our relationship. I will also share what they taught me about dogs, life, and often even myself.

Velvet was my first dog. You will be meeting her very soon. I think you will love her. I do.

Fill-in Statements: Week 63

Every Thursday, Ellen of 15andmeowing and I provide the fill-in statements. Please come back on Friday, when we post our answers with a link-up. Learning about each other and making friends is what it is all about!

Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 63: July 21, 2017
1. My favourite thing on my daily to-do list is _________________.

2. My least favourite thing on my daily to-do list is ________________.

3. I could really do without                           .

4. I would love to have more                                    .

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I have learned to love the unique Hollyhocks.

They are amazing, both fragile and strong. 

They grow to over 6' in height, with numerous blooms.

The bees love them as much or more than I do.

The double blooms on some Hollyhocks are exotic.

They seemed to evolve from the traditional ones.

I love them just as much, though.

And, so do my wonderfully sweet bees!

Monday, July 17, 2017


Bob could feel the heat scorching his skin through his clothes. As the sun made its way across the sky, he sought shady spots in its wake.

His shadow seemed to hold its breath in the cool darkness of itself. Yet, his own breath mingled with the midday heat as he melted into it.

Closing his eyes, Bob could imagine icy winds as he drifted away on the last heatwave.

Story by McGuffy Ann Morris

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

On Dreams...

"To sleep,

perchance to dream."

Maggie may not know Shakespeare; she may even think that Hamlet is food. But, she has sleeping and dreaming down to an artform.  As time passes, she continues to perfect her art. Her health issues are slowly taking their toll, but she remains true to her sweet self. As long as she is comfortable and happy, that is what is important. Sweet dreams, Maggie. 

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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Wild roses grow amongst the weeds;
God’s pleasure is granted.
He plants the seeds:
bloom where you’re planted.

Poem & Image by McGuffy Ann Morris

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 62

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the linky for sharing. The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, even more people can share!

Chloe Jo is feeling more herself. She is responding to her new diet, medication, and routine. She is eating, again. And, just as important, her organs are working almost as they should, now. Those who know her, know that with Chloe Jo, nothing is as it should be. Her bladder is “very tiny”, as Dr. A. says. Her kidneys are not normal in shape or size. Her intestines are irregularly shaped and slow. All of this makes it very hard for her system to process food and waste. Regulating fluids is a chronic and serious problem. As I am typing this, Chloe Jo is in the crook of my left arm, on her back, half-reclined. She likes to sit that and watch TV, too.

I hope your weather has been good. We have had strong storms and heavy rain this week. There is widespread flooding. I am hoping that this humidity and rain will help the peaches get big and ripe soon! Of course, the dogs have had some small ones, already. Thank you, wild critters who pick them and leave them by the tree. We are all very excited about the peaches this year.

Thank you all for being here and being a part of the fill-ins. I am happy that you enjoy them as much as we do! It takes me longer to get around to responding, here and at each link, but I do! I hope you all visit everyone, too. That is why we call it “Friendly Fill-Ins”.

Enjoy your weekend. Do something sweet for someone, just because you care. And, as always, be good to You, too. Hugs.

Okay. Here are my completed fill-ins:
1. My inner child is extremely active. She never really got to be a kid, so I try to take care of her. She makes a conscious effort to be good because she believes that God and Grampy are always watching. But, she can be a bit mischievous at times. She loves stories, both hearing and telling them. She loves the Peanuts gang and the Muppets. Nothing makes her happier than a furry critter. She is both in awe of and a bit unnerved by storms but loves clouds and rain. She loves to give and get hugs. Sometimes she talks too much, she but likes to listen, too. She believes there is still good in this world, but that you have to be it to see it.

2. My favourite month is October, whenAutumn is in its full glory. There is no beauty like it. There are the colours, the harvest of pumpkins, cornstalks, straw, and apples, and there are scarecrows, the cool crisp air, fall migration, and a deep sense of wisdom. Yes…bring it on.  

3. My favourite commercial is currently one by Geico, because of the raccoons. I love them! In fact, we quote them often if we don’t care for something. I say, “Oh, this is awful.  Try it. It's like mango, chutney and burnt hair." Bill usually says, “No, I don’t wanna’ try it!” So, I say, “Just try it!” and then, “I can’t get the taste out of my mouth.” I say it all like the raccoon, too!

4. Personally, I don't care for negativity, in any way, shape, or form. But, I also believe that being Utopian is foolish. In fact, I am a die-hard realist. "It is what it is." But, I truly believe that when one is negative, it makes things so much worse. You become unreachable, unapproachable. And, you bring yourself down, which is defeatist. If you are inclined to give up, you cannot receive help, and certainly not a miracle. You will also miss valuable lessons if you are not open to the powers that be. You don’t know what the universe holds, only your interpretation of it. It comes down to faith. Negativity is contagious, but so are hope and faith. Be the change. 

~May you always see the beauty in this world!~

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fill-in Statements: Week 62

Every Thursday, Ellen of 15andmeowing and I provide the fill-in statements. Please come back on Friday, when we post our answers with a link-up. Learning about each other and making friends is what it is all about!

Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 62: July 14, 2017
1. My inner child_____________________.

2. My favorite month is ________________.

3. My favourite commercial is                       , because                                .

4. Personally, I don't care for                                     .

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Cookout

The annual town cookout made this a particularly manic Monday. By noon, the full grills were burning hot as the men talked, women laughed, and children chased each other.

It was all fun and games until someone realized that the grills were too close to the fireworks stage. That was when the fireworks show unofficially started, and then ended with an unprecedented grand finale.

The memories of this town event will certainly burn brightly forever.

Story by McGuffy Ann Morris
Image by

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Chloe Jo's Long Week

Chloe Jo had a very rough week.
She spent most of her time in the hospital.

Tests showed what we suspected, so
she is hopefully on the right track, now.

She has both medication and diet changes.
And, she is very out of sorts...and tired.

Good night, Chloe Jo.

Sweet dreams, BabyCat! 

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Lesson

At seventeen, Jeb was the newest hired hand on the ranch. It was the job of old Clyde, the well-seasoned Ranch Boss, to make Jeb into a real cowboy.

Sitting around the fire, the ranch hands all shared stories with the young greenhorn. They told stories of getting lost in white-out snowstorms. They recalled men lost in flash floods. They told about the dust storms where you couldn’t see your own horse beneath you. Collectively, they had seen and done it all.

As the night grew dark and long, the fire slowly began to fade. A sudden movement in the shadows caught Jeb’s attention. A huge snake was moving toward the circle of men. Shouting, Jeb jumped up in panic.

One shot rang out, as Clyde swiftly killed the snake. Shaking his head, he said, “Kid, weren’t you listening? You’ve got to be ready for anything out here.”

Story by McGuffy Ann Morris
My Word Count= 150
Image by Kecia Sparlin

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