Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Six Words for August

Every month, Eli of Coach Daddy hosts a "Six Words" challenge. He poses a question for us to answer in just six words. Eli says it was inspired by the great Ernest Hemingway, who felt that a story could be told in just six words. I love this kind of challenge. Thought needs to be put into these questions. Then, they must be answered in a very concise, succinct way. That is a meaningful challenge.

The most recent question is, "If you could go back in time and give anyone from history a hug, who would it be?" 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sincere hugger. I could have chosen someone from my personal history, but I give them a hug every time I think of them. So, I took Eli's challenge from a different angle. Since he asked for "anyone from history", I went with that. There are people that I would have loved to have hugged personally, if I could have. So, here is my chance!  

I would hug The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She has been a source of inspiration for me from the first time I became aware of her. I strive to be the kind of gentle soul that she embodied. She was an amazing human being and a true example of a saint. 

Her canonization was just a year ago, on September 4, 2016. She is now officially known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. However, for many, she will always be Mother Teresa. She was a mother to all of God's children, whether they knew it or not. Blessed are those who know. 

My Six Words...Heavenly hugs for inspirational Mother Teresa.


  1. Beautifully done. This is powerful and inspirational.
    Mother Theresa is definitely a great source of inspiration to live by.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend. Mother Teresa was a key figure in my conversion to Catholicism. She is what I believe God wants us all to be. I strive. HUGS.

  2. Beautiful. Mother Teresa is an such an inspiration to so many (me included)!

  3. What an excellent choice, Annie. I know you feel a special connection to her. Bet she gave great hugs as well. I think I would want to hug Abraham Lincoln; although, he would probably be ashamed us for not doing a better job of treating all men equally. More love and hugs, Janet